Modern Milspeak


C'mon get the stuff down for posterity!

Babiesheads: Steamed steak and kidney pie
Wife beater: Stella
Colonel Ghadaffi: NAAFI
Gary Sprake: NAAFI Break, (made that up!)

You know we're after.
Acta Twat - Stella
lay some Cable - Go for a shite
Drop the kids off at the pool - Go for a shite
Drown some baby otters - Go for a shite
Do soem downloading - Go for a shite
Aunty Stella said:
Ventress said:
Wife beater: Stella
easesprings said:
Acta t**t - Stella
Oi, I fcuking resent that
Sorry that's we call it from round these parts and I'm on my 4th and I am not afraid to drink it

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