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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by box-of-frogs, Dec 18, 2010.

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  1. You really are a bunch of see you next tuesday's. Pull your finger out and get someone out to fix my shower sometime before xmas eve you lazy scouse twats. Don't blame the weather. We have about 3 mm of snow here........

    Mini rant over.
  2. Enjoy your cold showers over Christmas mate.
    When the Fire alarm went off in the house next door last year Modern housing told her the battery would run out in the next couple of days so no need to send anyone out!!
  3. Hi. Is everything sorted with your shower?
  4. Yes thanks - because the weather got slightly warmer and the pipe unfroze, and not because your sorry excuse for a company came out to do anything about it.
  5. MHS really werent happy with me when i took over my latest quarter and insisted that it was at the same standard of cleanliness that they insisted i hand over my last one at. We didnt use one of the 'preferred' cleaning companies but did it ourselves. They had commented on this about 5 times during the march out. One 5 letter complaint by me about the attitude of the guy taking it back and the items on the bill (dust in drawers, paint around light switches in rooms that i hadnt decorated etc). Now theres a 4 page 14 day observation sat in their inn tray as a result of the piss poor standard achieved by the 'approved cleaning company who took the previous tenants money under false pretenses'. I refuse to pay those piss poor cleaners when it can be done to a higher standard by me and the wife. Just making sure i set out on paper the standard at which they can expect to receive this one back, and i wont be paying any ******* bills this time either!
  6. Well done on showing such concern for b-o-f's shower, who only mentioned it three ******* weeks ago.

    I fail to see the point of MHS having an account on ARRSE. What exactly have you achieved in your 6 months on ARRSE, apart from reaffirming everything we already know about your shoddy establishment?
  7. I'm actually disappointed that the frozen pipe for the shower (that came out of the loft) didn't crack when it froze. I would have loved to see water pissing down the wall and ruining the shit carpets.
  8. High praise to the bloke, he's posting here at 19:56 so he must be working late - that's dedication!

    It's not like he's just sitting somewhere warm browsing on-line with a cup of cheer and the telly on is it?

    Err, well, I don't think he is anyway. What do you reckon?
  9. long winded story but bear with it:

    I found myself in an 'interesting' situation a few years back during a march in, involving one member from both DHE + MHS,

    There seem to be a breakdown in communication between the dept's (surprise, surprise) when they both started having an arguement with each other over the pre-march-in standard of the MQ, I eventually got rather tired of dummy's being thrown etc and stepped in & advised them due to take their debate elsewhere due to the fact i wanted the march-in completed rather than watch these to squabble,

    the 14 day observation report was a fair list & due to past experiences ignored by dept's, 'fortunate' for us their are ongoing decanting programmes in certain area's & the MQ's tenants in question have been advised to leave it in 'contractor's ready' state,

    I wonder how many of these recommended 'cleaning' companies have a payment return policy in place if you get billed for work they supposed to 'proffesionally carried' out to March-out standard?
  10. Have you escalated the complaint with them???

  11. It's working now (on it's own accord), so I told them not to bother coming round. I am doing quite well on the £20 voucher front though for other missed appointments!
  12. Hi. Glad everything is ok now. If there is anything I can help with, drop me a private message with your address in and I will investigate. I am sorry that you felt you received poor service from us recently. December was a very busy month with double the number of calls and jobs raised. We did take on additional resources but the bad weather really stretched us heating failures and flooded properties all over the country.
  13. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    How fitting. Box of Frogs posts this on 18 Dec 2010 and MHS reply 23 days later.

    Sums em up really.
  14. It took MODern housing eleven month to rectify a problem in my house. I had to go through the welfare side, Hive, direct to the complaints switch board several times. Finally with a threat and quotation from the JSP, is was sorted. I feel the MODern housing is the worst I have experienced during my time as a 'stinking' pad (10yrs), they have no customer care skills (as experienced when calling Aldershot area office).
  15. Hi. Sorry about that. If MHS hold the keys for that empty property, we are responsible for dealing with the smoke alarm.