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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by lord_loverocket, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. What it doesn't say is what the vouchers are for, odds on it's not Argos. Maybe to be used against solicitors fees, somehow I doubt it. Perchance could it be towards the cost of the expensive run down property you have spent the last eight hour sat in waiting for them to turn up and tell you they'll have to get someone else in cos that's not their job.
  2. The vouchers can be used in most high street shops we used ares in Debenhams but most shops take them.
  3. Nice one, I'll use my vouchers to get my coat then.
  4. We were surprised we thought the same as you, that they would be worthless.

    At least they get something right.
  5. I have had no bathroom now for 12 days after a leak was found under the bath, the ceiling below has come down but still no bath, I have 3 small children but still no bath to wash them in ..... What to do any advice welcomed
  6. Just a quick reply, off to bed. I believe that you can request to be accommodated elsewhere until rectification works are completed. Either a local hotel or a welfare MQ if available. If you haven't already, contact the welfare office ASAP, they should be all over it.
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  7. Good thread searching skills by the way!
  8. demand a local hotel
  9. Make sure all the jobs are properly logged with the helpdesk, and have the right priority that reflects the fact that your have no ability to wash:

    If you don't have a shower then the fault with your bath is a CRITICAL fault: Immeadiate/3 hour response with temporary repair, 12 hour permanent fix
    If you do have a shower to use (unless you can't get in the room because of the fault) then its an URGENT fault: attend and resolve in 5 working days.

    Those priorities are before your ceiling fell in and these timeframes have clearly been exceeded. Escalate the faults and use the complaints process, making sure you get reference logs.

    Also go onto your MHLO, AFF and welfare making sure that you are moved to somewhere habitable.

    The first 2 links are the NHP contract and are internal on DII:

    Repairs & Maintenance


    As this has been put on the back of an older thread, please note that the contract is no longer with MHS, SFA services are now all within the National Housing Prime (NHP) contract and CarillionAmey are the provider, there are no vouchers provided for missed appointments under the NHP contract. Make a complaint with the helpdesk and make sure you take a reference number for the complaint.
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