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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by conjurer, Jul 7, 2007.

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  1. I read recently that Modern Housing Solutions have improved enormously since the debacle that followed their launch - but have they? Stories abound of their incompetance. Lets hear what's happening out there.
  2. fridge boxes make great little summer get aways... some even come with old newspaper already in them
  3. They were still useless over Christmas when we had no heating because "they weren't allowed to call an engineer out between Christmas and New Year".

    Thankfully I haven't had to deal with the useless twats since.
  4. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I'd be grateful if you can supply proof. Where on Earth did you read that?
  5. Not changed at all.Still waiting for my kitchen floor to be replaced.And still have to schlepp everything thru the House to get to my garden.
    And they lost a survey that has been done on the house ,so the garden won't be level this year either.So another year of damp up the wall.
  6. Their budget ran out early 2007, not to be renewed until the new financial year, Apr 07, they were pouring money into trying to meet their remited deadlines and the pot ran dry, we called them out to replace some curtain rails, they came in an fixed our old delapidated ones, when I asked why they were not replacing them I was told that they could not even afford curtain rails, MHS (Making Housing S**t).
  7. I used to always report stuff to keep the quarter up to an acceptable standard. But since the arrival of MHS and the drama and poor standards...well I simply dont give a shite anymore. The quarter could fall apart for all I care.

    and I hate being like this :(
  8. In The Cheap Seats - See the following link Living In Families Quarters which acknowledges failings and gives a congratulatory backslapping to themselves. Sort of a self licking lolly really!
  9. Interesting question, which paper did you say you worked for again :? :wink:
  10. I certainly haven't seen any improvement in MHS. In fairness, the problem isn't the workmen who come round to sort the problem. It's the monkeys in the call centre who:

    Fail to pass on messages
    Lie ('we tried to call to tell you the work would be postponed' - b*ll*cks, no answerphone message, and another wasted day sitting around waiting for the non-existant workman for Mrs Bambi)
    Can't be arrsed to record dates when there won't be anyone in the house to let them in (cue the 'we called but you were out' slip through the door yet again)
    Log the wrong problem
    Or are just too bloody stupid to get it right. How else do you send - after several week's wait - a gas technician to fix an oil fired boiler?

    Hodern Housing Solutions - don't make me laugh. Worse than useless. Another example of what you get when you accept the cheapest bidder. Well done DHE - carry on looking smug and award yourselves bonuses all round. Just don't try to pretend that you care; it's wearing a bit thin.
  11. In my experience MHS call centres have improved but the standard of workmanship is still nothing short of dismal (that's if any of the contractors actually tip up). What really grips me is that when a repair is over a certain amount of cash MHS have to refer it upwards, or sideways, to DE for authorisation. You can bet your life on them refusing it and then, hey presto, you have to carry on living in a quarter riddled with damp and mould.

    Bitter? Me?
  12. Given that we aren't talking about military capabilities, personalities etc but are talking about a system which fails to provide a declared service, paid for by military housing occupants, what is the 'journo alert' for? Surely airing these issues can only benefit the occupants by consolidating the grievances and providing a forum to share experiences. Who knows, maybe even Modern Housing Solutions will monitor and act upon this thread. Isn't that what ARSSE is for? If 'journos' act on the info all the better - in this case.
  13. Last dealings I had it took 9 months to replace a working grill - apparantly according to 4 Div when I complained up the mil CoC - a grill is not essential! It took 4 visits from engineers (3 thought they were there to diagnose the problem) none of which were at the agreed appointment times (i.e. Tue PM). I asked for a written reply from MHS and got nothing.

    I found DHE (with one exception) to be just as bad.
  14. A bit off track but if your MSQ is damp and it is causing health problems, and they don't remedy the problem or move you to a servicable MSQ, can you sue and if so, who :?
  15. We had several problems initially (not turning up for appts, unable to repair and not following through on jobs), but in my experience over the last year, their service over our faults has been notably improved to suffice to say we have not had any problems.