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Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Crazy_Legs, Mar 3, 2006.

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  1. Anyone out there had anything to do with this marvellous new organisation yet?

    Have had 2 problems with my quarter since they took over and they have proved completely inept both times. Currently sat in a house with no heating and hot water and only a couple of heaters to keep the gaff warm. Apparently someone might come round on Monday (if they can be arrsed) to see if we need a new boiler. Feel like going out and buying one myself and charging the thing to them...

    Boll*cks if you ask me.
  2. Ah so you have been one of the lucky ones to get through on the helpline number. I've been trying for 2 days now, the first day it just rang and the second day i was left holding in a queue. I was only phoning them due to the slopey shoulders of my estate manager. I had previously reported a fault sometime ago via the EM. As they had been unable to carryout the repair to my MQ prior to the change over to MHS i was informed i would have to re-submit any outstanding repairs to MHS myself, surely this can't be right, can it?
    Personnel i think they have employed the same people who work up at the medals office, because they too seem to be taking a long time in sorting things out. :lol:
  3. where r u both situated?
    i work for p.m.e! dont hate us its speak (call centre)
    i mite be able to give u some useful info coz i think the company is as shit as u do, unfortunately, it has to pay my bills........BRING BK MOWLEM!
  4. lol

    PME, owned by Carillion who also own 50% of MHS
  5. My boiler recently blew up, and i was left without heating or hot water for a little short of 8 weeks. I was lucky, it was summer but they consider that having an imersion heater is adaquate (their not paying the electricty bill!!).

    It was a struggle to get the work done and took official letters of complaint to my CO, DHE and the company for anyone to take me seriously. They also refused to believe that British Gas could have a guy out to fix it within 24 hours. The entire situation is a shambles, MHS consider you to be thick tommy types who are not able to grasp the way they work and the chain of command are powerless to help.

    And this is progress aparantly.
  6. Don’t go there. Since last Friday the pilot-light on our boiler has begun to self-extinguish 3-4 times a day. I can get it going by doing a limbo on the kitchen floor (with large hound dribbling sweet-nothings in my ear) but there is not a hope of Mrs Seagoon doing the same. Kind Scouse at MHE says that because we can get heating and hot water twice a day (i.e. before I leave for work and when I get home again) the job is not a priority and we have to wait 10 days for the gas man to visit. Why didn’t I just lie and say that the boiler was dead? I should have known better.
  7. Hmmm, exactly the same prob here. MHS suck TBH :(
  8. Mrs BigRed "Hello, MHS? About the water leaking into the floorboards beside the bath when using the shower. Yes that's right the one I have told you about several times before. The floorboards are now rotten and it leaks into the downstairs ceiling"

    MHS "no problem we will send round a plumber in 10 days to have a look and take it from there"

    Mrs BigRed "Its not a leak its seeping between the bath and the flooring as I said several times before"

    MHS "Okay then the plumber will be round then!!"

    WTF, would not have this bunch of cowboys looking after my house.

    Note to MOD, if MHS had looked at the problem in the first place a bit of sealer or even glass partition would have solved. Now looking at replacing floorboards, ceiling and will have damp problems in your house. You do the maths...............

    Yes shower curtain closed but straight pole on round bath not a proper seal.
  9. Note from MOD: We are taking this matter very seriously and are looking for IMMEDIATE improvements. NOTHING is beyond the lengths we are willing to go to solve this problem. The latest idea is to attack Iran and send you all out there with your families in tow... where they will also solve yours and our logistic problems in the name of survival.

    TRUST US... something will be done.
  10. To55er! why not call the helpdesk ask for Steve and I'll discuss what you can to make things better for the occs.

    Can't blame us for no shows and not ordering parts
  11. Hi All

    I work at the Speke Helpdesk and have just assumed the role of Customer Care Manager.

    Seems that the biggest problem occupants have at this time of year is heating and hot water. Unfortunately, many of the boilers in quarters are so old they are obsolete. What this means is that many parts have to be made to order such as the printed circuit boards. These parts can not be held in the stores and can take up to 9/10 weeks to obtain and this timing is dependent on the heating engineer ensuring they are ordered by their local admin on their return to the office after the visit. Planned replacement of boilers has been put on hold due to simple fact DE (your landlords) have run out of money. For repairs, we give the operatives 48 hours to obtain off the shelf parts for the contracted suppliers but if parts are scarce this can take a little longer as they will have to go outside of the contract

    While things will never be perfect, the staff in Speke work their rocks off assisting occupants. However, please remember that the guys in Liverpool (and we're not all Scousers) are not technical. They were hired for their ability to take calls. They are reliant on the information provided by occupants (detail and accuracy) and the operatives and other agents (putting notes on the system). The choices for the type of operative sent to you and the priority of the call is based on the information provided by you when you call.

    If you don't get the priority you expect, screaming and shouting at the Helpdesk Agents doesn't help. (neither does kidnapping operatives if they can't complete their jobs). Neither do threats or emotional blackmail. The priorities given to the agents, for the job reported, by the tool we use have been agreed with DE, which may not coincide with yours. I’m sorry but a follow up call or having a call transferred to the Customer Care Team will not upgrade the priority of a job, particularly those classed as routines.

    Most importantly, please remember that the service is a repairs service and some repairs due to their nature or specialist needs can take longer than the prescribed timescales. If it's there we will repair in accordance with the priority of the system If it's not there (eg Power Showers) we can request an incidental new works which needs DE (not MHS) approval and as I've previously stated finances are tight at present (Next tax year starts April)

    Please remember we can not book appointments for the next day for a follow up visit. So when an operative says they are going to come back tomorrow this 99 times out of a 100 can not happen.

    Please feel free to post questions for me or PM me. I’ll be happy to provide answers or guidance where I can. I do not have internet access in work so have to browse this site in my own time and I have to say my Uni course will take priority as do my family so please do not expect instant answers.

    Before calling Speke have a look at the new guide that has been produces

    All agents have access through the intranet so can refer to it at the same time as you

  12. BigRed

    Sealing the bath requires us to send a plumber as this is the designated trade from the system. you would not get a screen as a repair Round bath in a pad very rare.

    Why not give me a call when I'm back in the office on 2 Jan with the number you called from and the date and time and I'll listen to the call to see what infor the agent missed

  13. Lying would not help as all that would do is force the agent to allocate an emergency to you instead of a genuine emergency. If during the visit the job is deemed not to be an emergency, you may even get charged for the call out. Intermitent faults are always the hardest to diagnose as the system always seems to be working at the time of the visit.
  14. Thanks Onceasapper. I appreciate that - hence why I did and always do play the honest game. The visit happened as planned and the outcome is that we have been advised that we will have to live with it - nothing (economically viable) that can be done about it!!!
  15. Onceasapper....

    i hear what you're saying but MHS, and everything they stand for, are an utter sham.

    Now, the reasons for that may be long, complicated and not easy to resolve, but the fact remains, the whole system stinks.

    I could give you 5 or 6 pages worth of anecdotal evidence from our patch alone, but what would that achieve?

    The thing that really makes me fire is the sheer lies MHS 'spin' in their fact-sheets and websites, vis-a-vis missed appointments and the convaluted reasons for not, nonsense about circuit boards...not interested in the minutia, just fix peoples hetaing.... be without heating for more than a few days is nothing short of criminal.

    I'm a landlord, the heating in my house broke, tenants complained, new heating system installed, cost £1600....that's life

    My most recent example of MHS being utter CNUTS was when my garage door lock broke and i couldn't gain access to my garage that contained my motorbike.

    Mrs G (and kids) had gone away for few days in car so bike was only method of tpt ( i live about 7 miles from work) MHS would not send out an emergency repair man because it was a motorbike and not a car stuck in garage. Had it been a car, no problem, but a bike - well that was my problem!!!! (Incedentally, the garages are so small you can't fit a car in anyway!!!!)

    So this was logged as a routine appointment and a contractor was booked for 10 days time - of course, in true MHS tradition the contractor didn't turn up!!!! When i phoned to complain i was told (in true MHS style) that the fault lay with the MOD policy not MHS....utter, utter sh!te, a modicum of common sense could have been applied here....

    rant over.......but i have plenty more of venom for this space!!!