Modern Housing Solutions - nightmare stories.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonniew, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm researching a story on the poor standard of maintenance of army housing. I'd be very grateful for anyone with stories of particularly poor service from MHS could get in touch.

    The story will appear in a national broadsheet newspaper or magazine.


  2. What about stories of particularly good service? Or would that not fit in with the angle you've obviously already decided?
  3. Hi Temple,

    I've heard reports about how this firm is performing really badly and am looking for some real examples to back this up. By all means, if you've got some examples of this firm doing its job properly I'd be happy to hear about it.

  4. Not really, I was just clarifying your question.
  5. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Since you are probably going to just make up any old shite to sell your paper anyway, here are some 100% real made up quotes from me that you can use in your story:

    One of the light bulbs was blown!

    There was a still steaming Bungle's finger in the shitter!

    The garden did not have a hot tub as promised!

    Fijian immigrants were living next door!

    The oven was made by Hinari!
  6. And to top it all, the shed was aluminium.
  7. I am in a RAF quarter and have waited over 18 months to get the damp and ceiling in the living room sorted out. They have temporarily plugged the whole in the roof with a Black Plastic bag but still the mould comes thru the ceiling in the bathroom, is this any good?

    In my previous quarter i had a 3 year battle with MHS to prove that the mould growing in my spare room was their fault and not mine and they had to sort it out. They did some faulty work and left the brickwork in a shoddy state and the damp kept coming in. In the end they repointed the brickwork and installed a vent.

    My cupboards in my kitchen have been there since 1960 and still don't close - their answer drill a hole a cm higher up the chipboard and mount the doors at a funny angle so they hang at different heights and still don't close!

    When the replacement cooker would'nt fit in they just lopped off a couple of inches off the cupboard doors and said that "it would'nt be a problem" when i do my march out!!

    As previous people have said its not the guys who come round to fix the jobs its the bean counters who wont authorise them spending some money on getting better parts - why do the job 100% when them in charge are happy its done to 60%!!!
  8. personally i've never had a problem when reporting faults to MHS
  9. Give the guy a bit of a break. He has admitted he is a journo and what he will do with info given. It might even help raise the problems some people genuinely have.
  10. My bold: Is this just MQ gossip or genuine factual evidence to back up your claims?

    Considering a lot of DE/DHE/MHS up & down the country have refurbishment programmes in place already many have been delayed due to budget restraints & this has to be addressed rather than poor reporting,

    also mergers & aquisitions of mantenance companies have a wider impact of areas of which this has to be accounted for in complaints & reports procedures,

    Overal the comms aspect not to bad, however how they admin a decanting programme is yet to be seen & furthermore difficult to judge.
  11. I lived in MQs between 92 and 02 from Larkhill to Catterick and had no problems with reporting problems or quick responces, however cant say much after 02
  12. my boiler has been kinda playing up, but still working just makes a really loud noise, however i reported this someone came out and told me it needed a new fan and timer box, it was installed and working within a week there's a good story.
  13. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I don't think things are that bad mate.
  14. Don't be a lazy journo (hard I know).

    Even a basic trawl/search of this site will garner you more horror stories than you could believe.

    I have had 10 MQs and quite literally, some of the shit I've had, you couldn't make it up.

    How important is quartering. Well for me it is one of the five reasons why I am not staying in.
  15. There's people who've had good service from MHS?

    This could be the new version of the colour of Hereford boathouse -
    "I served from 1990 until 2002"
    "What did you think of MHS?"
    "They were alright"