Modern Housing Solutions - nightmare maintenance.

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by jonniew, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm researching a story on the poor standard of maintenance of army housing. I'd be very grateful for anyone with stories of particularly poor service from MHS could get in touch.

    The story will appear in a national broadsheet newspaper or magazine.


  2. The contractors i've had come round to my slum in Blandford, have been very good. Always courteous, efficient and on time. Its the management you need to look into. The crews on the job can't use an extra washer without getting permission from the bean counters sat on their fat overpaid arrses, on the other end of a phone. Let them make the decision themselves for fcuk sake, i've got to back at work in half an hour. Also they are forced to use substandard materials to save money. I've had 6 shower units in 2 years, all cos they won't agree to a 20 quid de-calcifier device for the water pipe. Monies saved? I don't fecking think so
  3. cant say the same here in Tidworth , we came here in June 09 and we didnt have a gate and the fence was gone it took them 3 phone calls to get gate and as yet no fence , it seems if the job is not done in 3 months the order is scrapped and you have to apply again????? wall sockets keep blowing and even when fixed they still go off , one exploded when i pluged in my iron?? when i asked the electritian if the houses needed rewirring he didnt know and didnt know if they had been done since the houses were built and that was in the 80s??? so they are well over due.
  4. Now this is an easy one. The front door to my MQ was knackered, it wouldn't close properly, the lock didn't function and you could place your fingers through the holes that were present between the door and the frame. The door is now replaced but the litany of ineptitude, wastage and general bad administration that preceded the installation of the new door is laughable (but not at the time).

    Firstly, I asked the DE and MHS representatives upon march-in what could be done about the knackered door; the response was something along the lines of "nothing guv, there is no money to replace/repair anything." Not happy with this I entered into a 7 month debate with various levels of MHS and DE, eventually exchanging emails with the MHS Operations Director (Dave Trotter) to gain some sort of traction.

    Once it was agreed that a new door should be fitted there were no less than 5 site visits to my MQ to measure-up and 'assess' the extent of the issue which ended up in another 2 months of discussion about whether the door should be wood (c£3000) or uPVC (c£2000). Once it was decided that a wooden door, in keeping with the rest of the patch, was to be installed then a company was comissioned to attend the MQ and install a door.

    This door never materialised as MHS/DE did not articulate what was required and so another firm attended my MQ to 'measure-up' (for the 6th time). Around 4 weeks later two workmen turned up to 'build' the door and install it. This process took from 0800hrs until 1930hrs and the place was left a tip. In sum, DE/MHS had paid this firm in the region of £3000 to design, manufacture and install a sub-standard door. There was no door furniture includes (handle, letterbox, bell etc) and no draft proofing was fitted to the door. MHS then had to send one of their own carpenters to fit door furniture and waterproof the door. I ended up going to B&Q to by stick on draft proofing and installed that myself.

    A disaster from start to finish that has not actually ever been resolved with MHS/DE wasting time, money and resource. I could bore you to death with the 12+ other similar issues that I have had like this but I fear that a I might get an O2 tag!

    In short MHS/DE haven't got the faintest idea.
  5. If it took one of my chippies more than an hour to hang a door, I'd f ucking sack him. It's a one man job. £3000 for a front door,? What's it made of, Platinum?
  6. You'd like to think so, given the money DE paid for it. They didn't just hang the thing, they built the door and the frame in front of the MQ from the pre-cut wood - taking for-f ucking-ever in the process. Disaster.
  7. You might want to get in touch with the DE reps at RAF St Mawgan, they are trying their best to sell the housing that they have just moved personnel out of to the local council so they can house the homeless and unwashed of the southwest but the council have announced that the houses are not fit for human habitation.

    Good enough for squaddies eh but not for the homeless you could'nt make it up.

    Spotted this on the MPGS Forum in Armynet.
  8. I echo the good Generals experience. I am currently in my 10th MQ. The experience never changes. You might want to look at the whole moving piece too as you will find a litany of complaints, disaster and financial waste/cost. Unless you are M&S shipping or a removal company who are coining it in. If you want proof of that, ask yourself why a very senior officer is insisting that the director of the removals company is present at his packing and delivery. But I digress....
    Let me use some simple examples.
    I moved into a quarter 2 years ago which had 2 principle problems, the TV aerial didn't work and the gas fire in lounge produced a horrendous burning smell if used.

    A gas fitter came out, looked at the fire and said it needed condemning. Due to financial 'issues' they were being replaced by electric heaters. He disconnected the fire, sealed the gas supply and after some paperwork left. There followed a couple of weeks of phone calls, etc, like the generals experience, then they eventually agreed to fit the new fire. Under the terms of our 'tenancy agreement' we have to have 2 forms of heating.
    Some chaps came and removed the gas fire and fitted the electric fire. Then left. I couldn't use the fire becuase it wasn't connected to the electrcitiy supply, they couldn't do this as they weren't electricians apparently and didn't have orders to, but did fit a plug to the wire. hmm. They took out the flue for the gas fire and left it on my front lawn, they also left a huge hole in the side of the house where the flue was. Looking into the house from the outside I could see the back of the electric fire and duck tape (like Black Nasty tape but silver/grey) they had used as the backing for the fire. Given the rat problem the married patch had I wanted the hole bricking up pronto. More calls followed and about 2 months later it was bricked up. When I left the quarter the fire still hadn't been wired in. I gave up complaining. Now the TV aerial was more fun. It was an aerial with integral booster that served a central distributing box in the loft which was in turn connected to TV aerial sockets in the bedroom and the lounge. Very nice for a quarter. After about 3 weeks they sent an electrician. He couldn't do anything because you need proper aerial installing types. He did however at risk and against the rules go up his ladder and have a look. Turns out water had been getting into the booster, so he dried it out, sealed it with mastic. This was a reasonable temporary solution, we could then get the main 4 channels. 3 more times they sent electricians who couldn't do anything, eventually they sent the aerial fitters. They put in a new aerial and a line straight into the lounge. Bypassing the distribution box in the loft (what a waste). They did however fit a booster which they weren't meant to, because they had been told not to as a cost saving measure.
    All of this is accompanied by the job getting cancelled due to change of contractors/length of wait/wrong workmen/etc add excuse as required.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. My current quarter has 12 year+ old carpets, they said they ordered the new ones SEPT 2009! Still waiting.....
    I'm willing to bet they never arrive before I leave this MQ.

    PM me if you want more.

  9. PM me also for info ref the dump i have been moved into.
  10. Do you want the house in Bulford where my wife was left with a massive hole in the ceiling and all the panels taken out of the bath while I was in Iraq because the first set of mongs that were supposed to be installing a shower were sacked for being cowboys and no-one else was given the contract? Happened in the July, from memory, and hadn't been fixed when we were posted in the December.

    Or the one in Nuneaton where every single radiator in the house burst because it was that long since the system had been cleaned through that I was filling my rads with what was basically crude oil from the colour of it, which was slowly eating it's way through the radiator. Two weeks without heating over Christmas and New Year (because the girl on the helpdesk wasn't authorised to call out tradesmen over the holidays because it cost too much) with a chronic asthmatic wife and damp carpets was a great laugh...

    Or the one in Stafford which stunk, was filthy and had two pages of A4 worth of faults when we moved in?

    The lads who come out to fix the faults are generally alright. Polite enough, do the job well enough and all are as aware of the problems as we are.