MODern Housing Solutions Emergency Repair - On a Sunday..


Picture the scene. Mrs Forastero starts honking upstairs in the shower on Sat night that 'there's water everywhere'. Sure enough, she's ankle deep in the bath and the commode is making the sort of noises that really aren't appealling. I've got the better part of a bottle of Pinot Noir inside so I was buggered if I was going to do anything about at 2330. Bis morgen will do.

Fast forward to the morning and I've got the side of the bath off and managed to ungunge the the plughole and get it back together again, flush the throne and it backs up big style into the bath. '****' thinks I, this is bigger than my capabilities. The last time I had a blocked pipe, I rang MHS and as it was an outside drain that was blocked it fell under the realsm of DIY so I rang Dyno-Rod who squared it away from me. So I rang them again this time without bothering MHS and they duly turned up at 1700 after the better part of a bottle of Grasevina. Ummed and arred, plunged and schlopped but zilch. Problem is a 4 inch pipe which is blocked behind a wooden partition and as it's MOD house, they're not allowed to touch it unless they have permission from the house owner to start pulling things apart so he buggers with thankfully no charge. '****' thinks I, I now have to run tthe gauntlet of MHS and I've heard all the horror stories numerous times and as this is my first SFA I'm all set for a monumental **** around. So, at 1730, I ring MHS emergency 1900 a bloke has been round and fixed it!

I have to be honest, I was pretty impressed. I truly expected a huge pain in the arse but it was quite painless so I suppose these organisations can sometimes get it right so credit where credit's due. Granted, not a particularly fascinating tale but thought I'd share anyway!
It makes a refreshing change!

I suffered a couple of MHS comedy channel-esqe when I was in quarters, all to do with TV antenna runs and what actually constitutes a terrestial signal.

Finally I saw the light, bought a house and consigned the quarter experience to history.

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