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Modern Housing Solutions and "Cuckoos"

Do the HICs provide an acceptable service

  • Yes fully

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Not at all

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  • To a point

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  • Total voters
Currently the Salisbury Plain Area has several hundred service families living in Hirings whilst "MODERN HOUSING SOLUTIONS" (neither modern nor offering solutions!!) turn away new applicants or try to put families into run down or inappropriate accomodation.

With over one hundred complaints each month - when is someone going to investigate Warminster HIC??

And more importantly, when are the resident CUCKOOs' going to be moved to their actual place of work??
You wanna see the cunts in Colchester. Fucking useless twats the lot of 'em.

Nothing will be done as those in the position to do anything don't give a fuck.


Your poll doesn't match the title? MHS complaints is one thing, cuckoos is another issue all together.

The problem with cuckoos is that MHS don't know when someone is posted, so if the individual keeps quiet then they get away with it. And how many times do you hear of people justifying staying in their MQ on the basis of some spurious reason? Wilton/Andover area has a huge problem with them,

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