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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by milano_chris, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. Or should it be problem? What a load of shi!te this is. I spend 20 minutes on hold since they blatently have no where near the amount of people working on the switchboard as they should, to be told that a "urgent" fault will have to wait till the end of the week! How long would I have to wait for a "routine fault"? perhaps they would come round in 8 months time after 349 phone calls chasing them up!

    I've just moved from Germany to the UK and I've got to say I'm shocked with the system that is in place at the moment. Who would I need to aproach within my chain of command to address a complaint? Would it be the UWO?

    Anyone else agree with me that something needs to be changed on this system?

    Final note, sorry if this is in the wrong section, I couldn't see where else to post it :?
  2. So its not just me then! I too moved from Germany back in October. After filing a massive fouteen day report, 90% of faults are still outstanding. These were re-reported when MHS took over in January. They told me one of each type of tradesman would arrive a couple of weeks later, a Friday that I had to book off work. Behold, on Friday afternoonone tradesman turns up just to 'confirm' the jobs - no repairs involved!

    That was a month ago and I had to contact them to remind them - but as you say getting through is a complete nightmare. All faults throughout the country reported to one place sounds a bit like out of sight out of mind!
  3. 20 minutes on hold, you lucky lucky b'stard....

    I spent 1hr 30mins on hold yesterday afternoon and finally gave up. Another 30 mins in the eveneing followed but still no joy. This is all to complain about the 8 weeks I have been told I have to wait to get a new boiler.

    I would like one of their scouse minions to come and explain that little tit-bit of information to my wife and 2 year old daughter who have the prospect of living in a bloody cold house for the next 2 months.

    Not impressed in the slightest. Something must be done.
  4. Big_al

    Force the issue. I did and was given a new quarter and am still following up the complaint over the whole process. If it is not resolved soon, am going to hit the press with the story as it is really good, with lots of jucy bits like wife having to move whilst am on tour, house unfit for habitation etc. All that with a six year old daughter living in freezing temperatures. Keeping the good bits for later....

    I know of the lad in the house opposite to mine, who before I redeployed, was put up in a hotel for the same prob you have by the sounds of it.

  5. Have you guys banged this info onto ArmyNet? Although ARRSE is certainly read by enlightened people in the CoC, they have no obligation to respond to an unofficial website. ArmyNet, on the other hand, has official forums where people in the CoC are remitted to respond.

  6. Glad to see I'm not the only one then. I was expecting someone to come round a couple of Frday's ago, a day which I booked the afternoon of work. No one came. After several phone calls I was told someone would be coming around that day. Door bell remained unused. I called up and didn't get through so I left a message. No one replied. After 3 days of waiting 30+ minutes on the phone I got through. Was told someone would be around this afternoon. So another afternoon of work (one in which I could have spent traveling home) no one tuns up. It's making my blood boil now :evil:

    I might do this shortly.
  7. Lucky you,

    Called up as I was away on Ex - Wify in the house (7 months gone) No Power for 2 days. Called up the CNUTs (I was back for 1 day between exes and was told - we dont recognise your address and if it is that bad you will have to move?

    As I mentioned CNUTs
  8. ArmyNET has a CGS forum that is monitored by CGS's briefing team and goes straight to the big man. Not saying that it will mean any quick changes but at least the right people will be listening!