Modern Day Manners

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Counter-Bluffer-Ops, Nov 5, 2011.

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  1. I was dining with a good acquaintance last week. A reasonable restaurant, a couple of drinks and just finished the starters, and ordered the main, when his phone rang. Now I'd seen him place it on the table when we first sat down, but thought no more of it.

    Must be an emergency I thought. But no, he entered into a protracted conversation with one of his girlfriends. Sat silently for 5 minutes, then decided to leave the rude bugger to his own devices, getting up with hardly an acknowledgement from said bugger, and making my way off to my local.

    About 30 mins later my phone rang. It was the rude bugger, so I ignored it. Then got a text asking where I was. Replied along the lines of "Thank you for a great evening, food delicious, and conversation scintillating - perhaps we can do it again sometime?"

    He hasn't contacted me since - wonder if he's realised that one simply does not put one's phone on the table when dining, let alone have the extreme discourtesy to use it when dining. Philistine.
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  2. Nearly choked on my Tiffin there.
  3. Shocking. You'd never get that happening on Downton Abbey.
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  4. Send him a picture of the mess webley and ask him to do the right thing. The cad.

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  5. Go out again and when he puts his phone on the table throw the ******* thing across the restaurant.
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  6. Only acceptable during a business lunch , dose he buy his evening wear from JD Sports?
  7. Sorry, missed what you said. I was on the phone!
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  8. Not defending your 'mate', but the above displays equally rude manners. If you're offended he's getting into lengthy phonecalls at the dinner table then tell him so. Why shy off to your local and refuse to speak to him?
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  9. **** off dingerr, that would imply someone wanted to talk to you!
  10. Quite right, he should have run him through with his sword, then fought his way out to save having to pay for the starters.
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  11. Nonsense, a slap across the face with a glove and demand satisfaction.
  12. Exactly, that would have brought the message home.

    Or may be the OP was such boring conversation that said 'mate' was desperately trying to get out of it and instructed his girlfriend to give him a ring after the starters were served anticipating the OP's rude manner of walking out without paying the bill so the 'mate' could have the main with his girlfriend.
  13. You're quite right of course, what was I thinking. Pass me the whisky and the revolver and I'll go and sit in the other room...
  14. Thank you, but I prefer the term 'robust response', rather than 'rude manners'.

    Actually it now reminds me of an incident that occured in my old RAOC Mobile Bath and Laundry Unit. A newly-joined subbie got a little bit ahead of himself and started to hog the G10 telephone in my operational HQ, ostensibly on op business, but in reality to phone a little WRAC filly at Corps HQ.

    Soon sorted that out. Set him to work alongside my men, under the supervision of a grizzled old Cpl, to receive, sort, and launder the incoming 'smalls' from 51 Highland Division. Blighter never went near the phone again.
  15. I hadn't considered that it was that sort of date...