Modern Day Hero - Book by RE former SSM?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Gundulph, Apr 9, 2007.

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  1. Anyone read the above titled book by Nick P***t yet? if so, any feedback on it?

    He's a good guy, I was a strawberry mivvie working on the mivvie EOD side immediately after the conflict in 03 and met N P and a few of the EOD lads at the airport, Basra... all decent chaps, can't say that about certain senior lengths in 53 Sqn who refused entry to 12 former 'regiment' lads to their Happy Hour!!! and thats after I was invited by a mate to it and told the former 22 lads were more than welcome!
  2. Can't say I've read the book, but if I come across it in the shops I think I'll just have to have a read of it!

    Gundulph, are you still involved with civvy EOD in iraq? you may have met my stepfather if so.
  3. I've just found and ordered the book from Amazon, cdn_spr - I was a Mobile EOD Team Leader for the majority of last year out there, PM me with your SF's name, I may know him...
  4. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Must look out for it next week. Knew him well in his last few years in 33.
  5. Chimera,

    Were you out there in 03 with 33? Nick came into our Strawberry Mivvie tent with a few of the lads, one of whom (a Ssgt) I last saw in 86 at Gib heading off to the NAAFI with 10 pounds of my own and similar from everyone in the room, he had even taken down the list of what we ordered, he then proceeded to 'Escape' over the wall... I waited until I was sure he hadn't recognised me before asking him the classic "So, how much interest do I get on my 10 pounds over the past 17 years - and where the f&*^s my 2 Cans of Coke, mars bar and packet of biscuits you C&*#"

  6. Your SF's Initials would'nt be R.R per chance would they??
  7. What's the book about?


    My book is about joining the Army at sixteen and leaving some
    twenty five years later. How the Junior Soldier ended up as the Regimental
    Sergeant Major of the UK Bomb Disposal Forces sent to fight in the last
    Gulf War. From pre deployment training in the UK, to being the first Bomb
    Disposal soldier deployed in Kuwait. From knowing the in and outs of
    oilfields, to training with the American Marines. From sharing toilet paper
    to rounds. The truth about equipment and the help we needed from the
    American bomb Disposal units. How I ended up crossing the border with the
    US Marines and the Joint Helicopter Force. Stories of what really happened.
    From fire fights to being stoned. From exploding ammo compounds to grenades
    left on the side of roads. From risking my life several times to being
    awarded the George Medal. From making friends to losing them killed in
    action. The book is full of stories that really happened. The happy times
    and the sad.
    When you read this book you will learn about being a soldier and how hard
    it is not to take sides.
    Included in the book are lots of photos and the three citations leading to
    the awards for bravery. I was awarded a Joint Commanders Commendation, the
    Queens Gallantry Medal and the George Medal for bravery.
    Read the citations and make your own mind up.

    Modern Day Hero or just a bloody good soldier.

    8O :?
  8. No, BS
  9. knew him whilst we were at 35 together.

    he know lives just a few miles down the road from me, small world.
  10. Nightrained-

    He means stoned as in rocks chucked at your nappa by angry middle eastern types who don't agree with western civilisation.
  11. The book seems interesting, however is there much chance of this being another Andy Mc'talkin out his arse to get money'nab?
  12. you are pushing your luck again you little cnut. :x :x :x :x

    he is/was (within the corps) a top bloke.

    link to book on amazon.
  13. Don't think so Nightrained, when Nick was telling us all what had happened to himself and the chaps over the previous few weeks there were a few of his senior NCO's around him, he's a good guy and by all accounts carried out some classic heroics, selflessly extracting an entire vehicle crew one by one from their vehicle that they had just hit a landmine in, while the Joint Forces Crab EOD fella stood and watched, but who can blame him, after all the Crabs don't do mine clearance and NP seemed to have it all in hand!!!

    IMHO he is a good guy and no bull shi**er...
  14. LMAO. was waiting for that to happen
  15. Spot on Gundolph - Nick is a top bloke and having served alongside him in 2003, can vouch that he is absolutely no bullshitter.