Modern Crusades

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Darthspud, Oct 7, 2005.

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  1. This might seem a bit overly simplistic, however,
    Is the current 'war on terror'
    just a new way of telling the public that we're off to bash the Muslim's cos we don't like/know/understand their culture.
    And recent events in London and Barcelona are just the justification for re-starting the middle age crusades , albeit with heavy armour and air-superiority?
  2. Simplistic perhaps, but true in a way, especially from the US perspective, since Dubbya said God told him to do it, and as such it is now his sacred duty....:roll:
  3. Just after GW1, a couple of US jurno's published a book, in fact it was a bloody large book very long and detailed, called....... CRUSADE.

    At the time I was young and innocent(ish) and thought it all a load of tosh, I will dig it out, for IIRC it was all about the coming US crusade on the east, gain oil and wealth, lose pain in the bum middle-eastern countries and control the centre of the world!

    I still believe that a key factor in Op Iraqi Freedom was to gain a good sized force bang in the centre of the Oil producing countries.

    Also there isnt a country anywhere that can not be hit by land based US airpower now.
  4. And the problem with giving the middle east a kicking is ?
  5. WhiteHorse,
    any info on that publication would be much appreciated.
    I may have to get the ISBN for it as well
  6. Darthspud,
    The book's title is "Crusade - The Untold Story of the Gulf War" by Rick Atkinson. Published in the UK by Harper Collins.
  7. And having dug out my copy, I may got it mixed up with another book :oops: .

    I am having a quick re-read to check though its not looking good so far!