Modern Art - is it all just sh*t?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bindy, Aug 12, 2008.

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    Inflatable dog poo sculpture wreaks havoc....

    Having read this and wondered whether it was April 1st, before then laughing myself silly at the irony of it all, it set me off wondering....has anyone seen any modern art that they can actually say WASN'T sh*t???
  2. Nope.................
  3. Dunno :wink:

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  4. Superb.
  5. Banksie ?
  6. Who knows :?

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  7. I like all the graffitti/art at the moment, but floating frozen chickens and the like are a load of shite.


    This ones pretty good methinks
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  9. I have, in the past, been known to make sweeping statements such as "all modern art is sh*t", but I know deep down that that statement is not strictly true. Most modern art is sh*t and that tower of sh*t is sustained by the clever use of the Emperor's New Clothes syndrome - to be a successful modern artist, you must generally be a successful con artist.

    I do, however, admire artists like Banksy who demonstrate genuine artistic talent - his work demonstrates both skill and imagination. It is art that could be knocked together by anybody that does not count as art - yes, they may argue that it is "the idea" that you are supposed to admire. My theory is that you need both the idea and artistic talent - most modern artists have built entire careers on only possessing "the idea"