Modern army? fcuking reeeealy!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by copey, Apr 19, 2004.

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  1. so much for all the hype over the 21st century army, last week i had to put a tent up that had more holes in it than a tea bag, of course there was no hammer provided for the pegs so i used..
    a rock!
    The Modern army! it was like a scene from adam and eve!

    has anyone else had to resort to early neolithic beaviour to get by in this job?
  2. Take a gandar at any US unit and compare their IT set up to ours. They have the ability to operate two systems (secure and insecure) anywhere that they go. They hook up to the internet at any location and even take the own power systems and sat relays.

    They run upto date OS and computers that run rings around anything the British Army calls 'new'

    Our office has two computer systems, 1 US (with a teminal for all three of us in the oofice not 1 to share) and 1 British. We put a request up the COC for a rewiter for the British one a few months back and recived for it half an Akter tower with a rewiter in it, that requires a SCSI card to be fitted into the system. As the system is a secure one, it was a useful as tits on a fish, and cost over 200 quid!
  3. having worked at the Field Hospital in Iraq and seen first hand our IT on offer and having seen the Yanks stuff in Kosovo, no wonder they call us the Flintstones!

    By the time our lovely procurement system kicks in WIndows has moved on a few generations and the kit is obsolete i.e. That good ole Bowman fiasco jump to mind! :evil:
  4. Don't be so quick to knock our kit. During Op TELIC 1 our Ptarmigan was the envy of 1 MEF - to the extent that they borrowed ours and insisted on a sat bridge in the later stages of the war.
  5. 1 MEF, no wonder they had too borrow kit, spent all their budget on their fancy new pixilated unitforms.

    How crap they look too.
  6. msr

    msr LE

    And on TELIC 2 I expect they all gathered round it wondering why we turned up with mobile museum pieces...

  7. Is this because our systems is character based (CHUI) and the Americans is GUI (Windows)? I think you'll find the British system is a far more comprehensive package, the American (Air Force) system is a quite basic user interface built around MS Access.
  8. not bad troops, but it still doesent better my "rock hammer" shame there wasnt a woman around at the time, i could have dragged her round by the hair!