Moderators.......why so many?

How come every other Tom, Dick and Arrsehole is a moderator on this site? I remember when there was a 'healthy' figure, but now every bugger is at it. Fcuking epedemic........or is it pandemic?

What's up........couldn't get the rank in the job? In the TA and need something else 'vaguely' military to do? Civvy and dress up in DPM at weekends.........hang on.....that's the TA isn't it?

Anyway, how come there's so many?
Probably so that, unlike Mil.Com, we can have a bit of a life and not have to spend every waking moment online wondering if the last poster was the spawn of Satan, sorry Islamic.

I think it works quite well - I have the AGC and RHQ boards - which are admittedly quite quiet but that means if I have only enough time for a quick surf I can log on, check what's happening (usually fcuk all!) and crack on.

Again unlike the MODs here have limited access to what they can do (basically delete, edit or move a post) so all in all it's not a major hassle.

Why, want to join? :wink:
Why, thank ya'll kindly for your prompt and mature responses, in pirticulah from my Suthan buddy 'The Corporal' (sounds like a tag team wrestlah if ya asks me). Ah'm jus so glad that ah asked. Ah had bin laid awake for many a night pondering ovah this issue.

Now why don't ya'll jus fuck off.

Look Chubby, I asked a serious question and all I get is 'sh*te and onions' for answers.

It's not a concern nor is it a big issue, but why does this site need so many Moderators? Pretty soon we'll have more chiefs than injuns.

Now get yer face back in that pie.
With only a small number of mods, one mod could have say 4 boards? Whats the point in lots of work, just have a mod for each board. Or in the case of the NAAFI have 3.
manchestermonkey said:
With only a small number of mods, one mod could have say 4 boards? Whats the point in lots of work, just have a mod for each board. Or in the case of the NAAFI have 3.
Says yet another Mod. Don't you get enough in your day job?
The Lord Flasheart said:
I think this is Baddass baiting part II!

Baddass, with over 4500 members, the amount of mods is actually not that large.

Why do you ak the question......again?
Hold up Turd Splashfart and less choppsing off from the cheap seats. Have a look at how many there are. Don't try to tell us that 4500 actually use the site. There may be 4500 members but there's never that amount on here at any one time.

My question, whether you view it as a wind up or not (frankly I couldn't give a sh*t) was why are there so many? Some of you don't even show up. I thougt for a while there that Gunners Ringpiece had popped his clogs, but sadly he reappeared.

Without prejudice, please tell us what it is you lot actually do..........apart from whining about the rest of us on your own board?

If you were to go along with the one board - one moderator, that would be understandible......but some boards have 2 and 3 moderators.

Unknown_Quantity said:
Furthur to what MM just said, any of the mods may be deployed or go away for a while with minimal notice, so to save hassle most boards have 2 mods.
Some of the Mods are Civvies. When the Fcuk do they deploy? And I'm not talking about the TA.

I'm intrigued as to why people want to do it in the first place. Some of you have only been on the site for ten minutes and suddenly you're moderators. What precisely is missing in your lives?

As for the comment from the I don't want to join. I would, if it were full of Infanteers or other fighting soldiers, but all I see is a couple of STABS, some civvies (sorry I've already mentioned STABS), some proper civvies, ex regulars who didn't make it in the mob, some Air Corps wallahs, a clerk or two, an ex - monkey, a couple of rodneys who can't afford a car and a couple of girlies chucked in for good measure. A good few of the moderators hardly ever use the site, if at all.

Why so many?

*One reason is to edit a post when one quite clearly tries to identifiy a member by location/unit*

At least try and play the game Baddass.
.........sorry, I forgot to mention the drunk who tells Americans that he was bayoneted by an Argie. I never did see Argies in Sennelager in 82. I must have been on leave then.

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