Discussion in 'Seniors' started by The_Tara, Jan 29, 2002.

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  1. Guys I know I should have probably saved this for a Mess Meeting but I noticed that a lot of Ruperts and Rodneys have been hanging around the place.
    1. Complete Anonymity. No real names whatsoever. (Nothing to stop real names being passed by email or Instant Messages).
    2. No slagging others just for the sake of slagging. If you can justify the slagging great.
    3. In any disputes, those of Mess Status are likely to win. If anyone other than someone of Mess Status wins then he or she will be banned from coming back to post!! (It's MY Mess!!)
    4. I will personally let you know why I have deleted a message if I have cause to do so.
    5. All the above rules are irrelevant and null and void when I have taken drink or been refused a shag!!
  2. Thank you very much sir. Mines a large one and she's paying.
  3. Nice one, Sir. Good to see a bit of order and decorum emerging. Here's to standards.
  4. Anyone against?????
  5. I see no-one against, Sir. Carried and noted. Would you like to take any more proposals for the good and benefit of the Mess, now?
  6. Wait for it Glad...................Carried.
    Any points for the good and benefit of the no okay mess meeting closed. Most pads straight off home, a few singlies stay ready to earhole etc the Tara and a couple of Colours and one Sarnt Major who actually believe that I have influence on promotion will buy me drinks and tell me how much their wife's love mine!!!
  7. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    Ahh, thank you RSM, If your'e buying, then I'll have a large one...

    With the mess barmaid....
  8. I think you have earned it. Well done on your elevation to Section 2IC.
    Barmaid not exactly easy but only wears knickers to keep her ankles warm.
  9. There is no doubting that career is what a car does before it rolls in a ditch
  10. Only one way to find out and strange you should mention 150!!
  11. Have cleaned up the Mess Boards today. Got rid of some posts from self, blue and ROS. Any probs message me. Nothing sinister just a tidy in the spirit of perestroika? Glasnost? Glayva?
  12. Do you know, it's heartwarming to see the chaps finding hobbies to fill up their spare time.

    Well done, bluenugget, jolly good, carry on!
  13. It's great to see that the spirit of conversation is alive and well in the Mess!!


  14. Stained Underpants (or BFPO as he is now known).
  15. The above rules still apply,
    remember this is not a democracy.
    I thank you