Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Bad CO, Feb 18, 2002.

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  1. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    For CMT Skygod/ Disgruntled.

    Understand why you two both want to be moderators on this board but alas we operate a  1 board/ 1 moderator policy.  This is to prevent the moderators having a tiff and deleting each other's posts and generally having a fight. Can you imagine what it would be like in the NAAFI with 2 moderators?

    Anyway hope you enjoy having your RAMC board and spread the word.  

    Always enjoyed working with your capbadge, very professional despite being some of the 'unsung heroes'

    P.S Good CO is on leave/was whinging at me to do some work, so any probs send me an IM.
  2. CMT

    CMT Clanker

    Understood  8)
  3. Is this an AMS board or just RAMC?
  4. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Do you want it to be retitled as AMS? Why not vote for a title?
  5. don't mind either way.
  6. Get lost AMS board my foot  :eek: Let the smug QA's log on to the professionally qualified board. They always go on about how rubbish the lowly CMT is stick AMS up ya Botty ?

    That'll be a NO to AMS then  :-[
  7. Does that go for QA HCA'S to?

    CMT'S are far from rubbish the training you receive in some essential areas  is far better to what I received as a student nurse on a diploma course. I used notes form CMT/RMA lectures in favour of ones given to us by college one of my tutors on reading some of the stuff said it was more detailled than diploma required which i thought was Bollocks.
    As the first contact for casualties good up to date CMT'S are essential and make the all the diference further down chain. I would sugest the qualification should require regular updating like ours does which isn't a bad thing.
  8. nurse

    firstly yes that does include HCA's and secondly dont try smoothing your way in just like all the rest ?? ;D and thirdly with regards to annual update read my post on one of the other boards on the RAMC Board ?
  9. CMT

    CMT Clanker

    I'll give it a No vote (and no-one mention DMS)
    SSM - i agree with what your sayin'. ;)
  10. How about one of you chaps posting a glossary of terms and initials etc so that some of us non medical people can sus out whats going on in here. Ta
  11. Tara Good idea will start now with a few :

    AMS (Army Medical Services)
    DMS (Defence Medical Services) Tri Service NO VOTE
    CMT (Combat Medical Technician)
    RMA (Regimental Medical Assistant)
    HCA (no hoper)
    QARANC (gang of no hopers)

    let me no if you need any more ?
  12. CMT

    CMT Clanker

    BARTS (Battlefield Advanced Resuscitation Techniques and Systems)
    ATLS (Advanced Trauma Life Support)
    PHEC (Pre Hospital Emergency Care)
    DS (Dressing Station)
    OD (Once Daily)
    BD (Twice)
    TDS (Three)
    QDS (Four)
    PRN (When Required)
    STAT (Now)
    NOCTE (Night)
    MANE (Morning)
    You may come accross any of these in this forum.

    Hope this helps The_Tara

    If you see any more - let us know   ;)
  13. Thanks Guys
    A couple more then:


    What is the difference between RMA and CMT because didnt everyone used to be RMA? Does the RAMC have RMA's or just other Corps and Regiments and can RMAs from outside the RAMC become CMTs without transferring to the RAMC?
  14. CMT

    CMT Clanker

    HCA (Health Care Assistant, (Nurse))
    CCC (Common Core Course)

    A i have not had much to do with CCC, i would be bluffing you if i tried to explain.  Its the DMS' latest major brainfart.
    I think SSM is in a better posn to explain......
  15. I take it CCC is the entry level for tri service non-registered medical personnel?

    not something we in TA have come across yet