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Okey Dokey Fellow ARRSEers, as you can see we have a nice new shiny board where all those who want to talk Gaming, Software and other things geeky.

So, as usual, here are the Board Rules:

1. No names, or personal details.

2. Do not take things to heart as everyone has an opinion.

3. The Moderators are open to intelligent arguments/discussions.

4. Vile personal abuse only tolerated if:
a. witty
b. justified

5. If you are going to lie, make them absolute whoppers!

Do not create or post dull or trollish drivel on this board. It will be deleted instantly. There are plenty of other places to flame/annoy/insult others.

Moderation policy will be entirely arbitrary and based on capriciousness, prejudice and bad temper. Any withdrawn messages and authors will be informed by private message of the reason, if we have the time and can be bothered, that is.

Any questions, just ask...

Not open for further replies.

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