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Ok, as you can see we have a nice little board where all those who want to organise crawls and other social events can now congregate. So, as the ARRSE social board reps/mods, here is the usual board rules sticky:

1. No names, or personal details unless already in the public domain.

2. Do not take things to heart as everyone has an opinion.

3. Forum Moderators are open to intelligent arguments/discussions. OUR WORD IS FINAL

4. Vile personal abuse only tolerated if:
a. witty
b. justified

5. If you are going to lie, make them absolute whoppers!

Do not create or post dullardly or trollish drivel on this board. It will be deleted instantly. There are plenty of other places to flame/annoy/insult others.

Moderation policy will be entirely arbitrary and based on prejudice and bad temper. Any withdrawn messages; authors will be informed by private message of the reason, if I have the time and can be bothered, that is!!

All crawl threads will be locked 1 week after the event. This is to allow "after action reviews" blatant rumour mongering and any results on monies raised for charity etc, etc...

any questions, just ask...


Additional Rules / Moderation Policy for threads related to networking posts

Some rules to get your started. Bear in mind that this part of the forum is a focal point for "like" minded people to get together on ServicePals.

1. Try to limit your public data, Dave from REME is better than number rank name unit etc.

2. Express what you are looking for, "old members of 1st Regiment 1980", "Bruggen 1992" etc.

3. No screenshots of accounts unless sanatised with names and faces covered.

4. No crusades regarding groups, language, grammar ability unless you are making mods aware of something that would breach standard site rules e.g racism. No he/she's a chav look at this photo. We don't care. Remember that the Forces 365 site and others are nothing to do with ARRSE so complain to them if there's a problem.

5. Age watch out for juniors and have a bit of common sense if they post on here, do not jump down their throat becuase dah tlk l1k dis m8.

6. Respect privacy, if a soldier falls DO NOT post their account on here with RIP etc, this is not a circus. If your a close mate then go to the family and funeral, do not bring their social network accounts into the public (and the Press) eye.

7. Flaming of users posts, expect your reply to be deleted if it brings zero value to the conversation. Save your toilet humour for the NAAFI.
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