Moderation in the NAAFI bar

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Apr 4, 2003.

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  1. Not for me folks

    Its been a wheeze, Thankyou

  2. Same here, I have deleted over a hundred posts today and then thought "fcuk it", whats the point.

  3. The NAAFI bar on any camp is an area Out of Bounds to softies, nonces and whiners.

    It is also a place where the proffesional soldier can banter, laugh, cry, wind up, beat up and generally do what they please.

    Can someone please tell me what sort of NAAFI bar has an Orderly officer patrolling every five minutes
  4. ......or what Naafi bar has members of the public and the media casually strolling by every five minutes?

    Please understand that that's the difference here... :)
  5. mm Ok mate, I see your point

    At times such as now, I cant help but feel that the public and the Media are glad that we are a little different and that we have the ability to laugh at things that the public may seem a little 'touchy'

    Dont think thye would sleep soundly knowing that there was a bunch of librarians keeping watch

    Only an opinion
  6. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Eagle has a fair point though, we are not a "closed shop" and anyone with a PC can come strolling in here at any point.  I don't think a modicum of moderation will affect the nature and general feel of the NAAFI in fact I can't help but feel that in a "real" NAAFI people like ORG and MDN would be the ones who were making sure the nigs were behaving themselves and ensuring it didn't get way out of hand - pair of big teddy bears really aren't you boys?

    Draconian moderation? - just check out PPRune.
  7. Fair enough Eagle.

    I think what really grated though was that today I received a few PM's from people on here that had in turn been PM'd and "warned" about the content of their posts.

    Amazing thing though, when we knocked heads and went back through the ones which we thought may be a bit OTT or were dragging off thread, guess what? It would appear that half of them had been dragged off thread by moderators in the first place, not neccesarily the moderator of that thread, but moderators none the less.

    When you look back, you see the word "edit" quite a lot in the moderators posts just before they want to get their "holier than though" heads on.

    So, the score is, a semi serious thread gets posted, one of the mods drags it off thread, we jump on it, mod joins in, someone complains, mod edits their post, we look like tw*ts.

    There is one very recent one (where, me, MDN and others have deleted our "contributions") where this is blatantly, blatantly obvious. The outcome? We get slated for dragging the tone down.

    I'm not saying that we are angels (far from it), but if the moderators set an example where the jist of the thread is altered, is it our fault that we then jump all over it?

    Or is it that the board is really run like the Army and anything that the mods do is "high spirits" where it can all be made to dissapear later, whilst we, the great unwashed are subject to a seperate set of rules?
  8. Pleased I wasn't the only one that noticed.

    Rather be a French, Firefighting, taleban assylum seeker than a hypocrite
  9. I'm not aware of those threads in particular (far too busy with other things) but in my time here, I think I've only ever modded a thread/topic fewer than half a dozen times.

    However, I can assure everyone this; I'll always do my utmost to avoid making people looking like tw@ts....even if I think they're in the wrong.  If a there's a risk of this, I'd rather pull the whole thread.  I've seen so many people made to look like a dickhead on other forums through careless, knee-jerk reaction moderation.

    It's not pleasant.....and it's not my style either!
  10. I have to agree with you MDN - in my profession anyone who works in it can tell you about things we have laughed at........ some people may be horrified, but c'mon, surely the majority realise that laughter is a great stress reliever.......... and hell, there is enough bad things happening in the world at present.

    Anyone with any sense can surely see it's all banter and really not to be taken seriously.

    It's a shame that people have been made to feel uncomfortable about their posts.

    If you mods are not careful, I can see people moving away, as they did on the certain aviation site, due to the moderation policy there. :(

    SURELY it's the job of the Forum Moderator to moderate his own forum and not for Mods from other boards to do so, if that is indeed what is happening ???  ???  ???
  11. You would be amazed, and I mean amazed, how many PM's me and MDN between us have recived today / tonight reflecting the exact sentiments of the post above.

    Thing that p1ssed me off was the response I got when I told them to air their views the way that I have tonight.

    1033 answer seemed to be "I don't want to get banned", which, judging by the last one I got from a member (not a moderator) is what people think is going to happen to me and the nemesis.

    BUT, and this is only my opinion, I see this as the beginning of PPrune type moderation, which will just make it as big of a waste of time as that site is.
  12. I agree entirely with you ORG, and their 'alternative' site is going from strength to strength.
  13. Pray publish a link to this "alternative" site, lets all go on a jolly and have a look
  14. Check your PM's ORG.

    One cannot have full access to the site without registering - and one cannot access the naughty forums without another password!
  15. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Oh come on ORG, read the moderation policy again it's hardly restricting your right to free speech, surely the fact you're discussing this subject on this forum is a contradiction in terms!