Moderating - A Touch Too Much?

Do you think the Mods are a wee bit too sensitive?

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  • No, they have everyones best interest at heart

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  • Possibly. They should pm people with reasons why topics are cut

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fuku said:
I have noticed that the Mods have cut the topic on a certain REME officer who may have been a wee bit naughty.
Thats why they are MODs and you aren't.
Snappy reply Dale :roll: with replies like that it would not surprise me if one of your favourite sayings is " why do it this way? Because it has always been done that way and because I say so" :x

I often post on arrse, generally to add to a topic but occasionally to fish for crocodiles (snappers), I hope you are one as it would be very sad if you believed your comment was a genuine one :!:

It is my belief, and the belief of many others who know the subject officer :lol: , that the topic was culled because it referred to the oft discussed actions of an individual officer, and possible ramifications for other officers in REME :oops: .

If MoDs wish to cull this topic also, feel free, but please pm me with the reason. I will not, and neither will the silent majority, accept that what has been posted so far differs from what is generally known about this individual, the covering up that has gone on and the careers of damn good men he has ruined :evil:
PM inbound.

Have I touched a nerve?
No PM seen.

You fanny. Did you send it to one of your "friends"?
Thems that runs, owns and pays for this site can do what they want and the moderating here isn't that it.
fooboy said:
I posted an article about a Brigadier who could be in for some incoming soon in the courts last week, it was taken down on two occasions by Moderators without PM or good reason, even when it was in the public eye already.
Censorship - the hidden face of Arrse
Tell your dad - he actually gives a shit.
Fooboy - know your audience! :D

Whilst there is a tendency to assume that ARRSE is entirely altruistic, it isn't. 50% of the upper echelon of this fine site are still serving after all. If you are suggesting a 'modless' website, then the essential purpose of the site would be lost. I like the idea of a site where I can post semi-intelligently and occasionally help someone.

However, I agree that some of these Mods should at least extend a certain amount of respect and good manners to those people who actually make the site - the ordinary ARRSErs! Until we reach those sunlit shores where the board Mods actually know enough about their respective subject areas to run them without recourse to other posters, there is enough room for us all!

If you're going to delete a post - at least explain why! :D

Edited to add: It also helps if ARRSErs actually read the forum rules before posting! :D
Even the late,lamented PHILL from U-F sent me an e-mail explaining why I was to be banned from U-F (broke my heart it did :lol: several times) If PHILL can be arrsed to explain to people what the problem is,Why can't the moderators here?
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