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I have recently read a thread on a different site that berates ARRSE and especially the Aviation pages.

His point is that the vast majority of threads here are either malicious or derogaratory (Not sure of the spelling) and I have to agree.

I know that the vast majority of people on these pages are sincere and post on the whole some good discussion topics. But could those that feel it necessary to barrack people and especially zero in on individuals should not be tolerated by us.

I, like the most like a bit of banter but the Slasher Post really is intolerable.

Rant over, happy New Year everybody....... ;D
Muttley is right

The forum is getting a bit of bad press on PPrune

We all have to remember that this site is used by all, from juniors to senior officers and civilians

Noone is saying lets not have a banter, just keep to the topics and anything to do with gentilia etc please take it to the NAAFI bar

For anyone who has taken offence, for example KennyR Please feel free to start a new topic titled whatever you wish.

I have removed the Slasher post

Happy New Year to all
I agree with both of you, BUT, have you ever tried to start an intelligent debate on this thread?  I have tried and failed.  It seems human nature just to have slagging match (as per the old AACA website that had to be changed into a logon site before placing an entry because of the slagging and arguing going on).
:-/Couldn’t agree more most of us that use this site are ex members of the Corps and are only here to reminisce about the good old days and keep up to date with what is happening in the new and improved AAC.  :-*
We must therefore ensure that doesn't happen here.

We are all guilty of a quick jab at each other, no-one is whinging about that, please just moderate it a little.

We are not trying to muzzle anyone just use the appropriate forums

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