Moderate Muslims have a pop at extremists in Luton

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, May 29, 2009.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Muslim extremists behind a protest against soldiers on a homecoming parade have been driven off the streets today by members of their own community.

    Fights broke out and traffic ground to a halt when moderate Muslims confronted a group of about 12 men who regularly preach from a stall in Bury Park - the heart of Luton's Muslim community.

    After Friday prayers, more than 200 members of local mosques turned on the group who sparked outrage in March when they disrupted a parade by the Royal Anglian Regiment through the town centre.

    Good show.

  2. About time................

  3. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Like it, good to see the moderate MAJORITY muslim population making its opinions clear.
  4. still managed to turn it into a fight though :p

    wonder if this is the beginning of muslim anti extremism extremism

  5. Good to see.
  6. "After Friday prayers, more than 200 members of local mosques turned on the group"

    "moderate members of his community took action because police had failed to move the group on"

    And Luton's dibble rocked up with.........

    "One police officer and two community support officers struggled to hold them apart until more officers arrived" :D
  7. Too little, too late, springs to mind.
  8. Good news. These fellas are showing that the vast majority of Muslims are as sick of the extremists as the whites are with the BNP.
  9. Would you mind explaining how and when you were appointed to the post of spokesman for the majoity of Muslims, and "the whites".
  10. Fcuk off you Nazi arrsehole.
  11. Language sunshine, language.

  12. I know lots of white people. None of them support the BNP. Extrapolating from this limited sample space, I think that very few people actually support the BNP. Sure, many will have sympathy for certain BNP ideas, but then the majority of muslims probably have some sympathy with the idea of a religious state. It doesn't mean that they want it rigidly enforced in the UK.

    This is very encouraging. Hopefully the tide is turning in the UK at least; the rest of the world may take a while before it brings itself to act like this.
  13. Bravo the Muslim Majority
  14. Well done to all for doing something the Authorites/ Home Office should have done ages ago. As said earlier, it's a shame this hasn't happened sooner.

    The inaction shown to the extremists to date have played into the Far Rights hands. Shame the authorites didn't have the balls, as it might have stopped decent people even considering the BNP as a solution to this problem. Whilst it is true the Far Right were involved in the other protest, you don't need to be Right Wing to get fed up of the situation, as the Moderates have shown. Well done again.
  15. Read it and weep Trowel, you thick twunt.