"Moderate" MCBs latest demands

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, Feb 23, 2007.

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  1. http://www.express.co.uk/news_detail.html?sku=1264

    Even the most hardline Guardian reader should by now realise that these people are certainly not moderate, nor are they interested in integration. What they are demanding here is cultural supremacy.

    These people have been terribly sly, though, with somewhat of a creeping barrage over the last few years, and government support. Hopefully this latest statement though will wake people up to the reality of this movement.

    I bet the government tries to ignore this/sweeps it under the carpet, since it is terribly embarrassing for their "mainstream, moderate Muslim" group who is always the first port of call for "moderate" comment on any issue to come out of the closet like this.
  2. Have always wondered about the sexual predelictions of some of the faithful and insisting on this type of clothing for boys confirms some of them. You will note it says nothing about covering the body from the navel to the ankles!!

    On a more serious note. The problem is these people actually believe that they will be able to insist on these things and have a better than 50% chance of getting away with it.

    Rivers of blood? Gets closer every day it seems :thumbdown:
  3. I have found that I can avoid much of the irritation that arises from this sort of 'demand' by exercising a form of reverse apartheid. I cannot go the whole hog of apartheid but I can ensure that I stay away from such people. Here, in the Scottish Borders, we have very few people who make such demands and my reversal is easy but I found that it also worked when I was living and working in London. This who seek to enter into my personal space are initially ignored. If they persist I walk away. If this is not possible, I advise them that they are unwelcome and ask them to move away. No debate. No basis for any argument. No fraternisation. Sounds difficult but work at it and it saves considerable aggro and does not permit them to exercise their agenda in any way that affects me.
  4. I have only one word " fuck off !"

    if they don't like it bugger off to a country more to their liking
  5. Just as an update, found this on the grauniad website.

    Can you guess who is listed as a co-author? :frustrated:

    the communist workers rag.
  6. So is communism, Ken, yet I've never heard you criticise that...

    As also was Islam in its expansionist phase, but it's not PC to talk about that...
  7. Reading more into this (it also helps if you read the actual report), me thinks the express are over-egging it slightly!.

    They (the DE) claim

    Yet again, hysteria is allowed to take presidence over fact...:winkrazz:

    No where in there, do i see rabid demands for the banning of "playground games, swimming lessons, school plays, parents’ evenings and even vaccinations." :frustrated:
    MCB document on schooling. :winkrazz:
  8. FFS i cannot believe people in government are even going to entertain those proposals , but if they want their kids 'educated' in that way let em clear off to a country which does & preferably sooner rather than later might even free up some housing stock at the same time :)
  9. Mixed gender sports activities
    Some sports involve physical contact with other team players, for example basketball and football. Most Muslim parents would find it objectionable for boys and girls to play such sports in mixed-gender groups. Schools can respond positively to this concern by making sure that contact sports are always in single-gender groups.


    Schools should make every effort to provide a single-sex environment for swimming and allow Muslim children to wear swimwear that complies with the requirements of modesty and decency according to the teachings of Islam. Some schools have been able to meet these requirements in providing an appropriate single-gender environment and also allowing girls
    wear full leotards and leggings in the pool. Provided these guidelines are adhered to, there should be no reason why Muslim children should be withdrawn from swimming lessons.


    I haven't got time to go through 72 pages of it, and the express may have over egged it slightly, but the general tone of it appears to be that schools should make special arrangements for Muslims needs in all aspects of the school's activities, from sport to diet, to education, to prayer and worship and so on.
  10. As Agent Smith said, you should take time to read the MCB report itself. I am not a fan of the MCB but the report itself is pretty balanced.

    You'd see that it consists of "best practice" and "guidance" rather than demands.

    The Daily Express report is the worst kind of journalism. I used to not believe that there was Islamophobia in this country, but now I am starting to think there is, mostly because of the lies told by our media.
  11. "Best Practice" and "guidance" Will eventually become "Demands" Methinks.....
  12. Then I suggest you do , as Agent Smith and Yellow Devil point out, the Express hasn't just over-egged it , they've distorted it dramatically.

    Thread edited to remove the ridiculous.
  13. Some of it has certainly not been over-egged by much though:

    Yes, it is put as "best practice" and "guidance", but this appears to be based on an extremely strict version of Islam. It is only a small step for this "best practice" to become legal best practice.

    Also, despite it being couched in these terms, it is quite clear that this is actually what they want schools to do and are currently just presenting it as "guidance".

    Essentially, what they are saying is that because "some" Muslims like to adhere to the strict interpretations, then "best practice" for schools is to accommodate these extremist interpretations.
  14. its a pretty good guide to how to deal with the muslim god squad
    and what to expect will be things there kick up about hardly demanding other pupils follow there petty rules though.
  15. Well said.

    How true.

    Now PTP you can hardly delete my post without deleting the originals or are you going to continue with your double standards ?