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Models for Heroes (M4H)

M4H attend shows around the country and you can normally hand in donated kits there as well. Larger donations can be arranged to be picked up and they will make their way the M4H HQ in Newbury. If you know nothing about this wonderful charity please have a look via this link. M4H
I still have a couple of Dad's old Model Tank Kits upstairs to where can I donate them?

As a sidenote although Model Kits are undoubtedly better than ever they are also getting extremely expensive. The old and basic1/72 Airfix WW-ll Aeroplane Kits I used to buy and (fxxx up) for around £3 are now around £15.

I don't build anymore but it is a great hobby.
Same here.

Model kits were a building block for those of us whose families couldn't afford meccano!