Model Railways

Discussion in 'DIY' started by Kromeriz, Jul 3, 2013.

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  1. Very Spetic and frieght orientated. Have seen a lot better
  2. From some of the stills, big but poor quality.

    This is big but good quality.

    And closer
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  3. If anybody is interested in large-scale live steam and stuff like that - Youtube - tac's trains - might interest you.

  4. I just hope that they have something called a Deltic.
  5. Not an indoor railway but great fun for anyone into that sort of thing:
    Run by Ian Allen one of those names in railway stuff. My kids loved it especially the late runs at Halloween
  6. Got a small 009 layout and a small digital 00. 009 is landscaped but the 00 needs a bit more work. Sadly, domestic problems have restricted my available space so both layouts are leaning against a bedroom wall at the mo.

    Happy modelling!!
  7. Heavens
  8. Travelling to Warsaw from Ostrava the other day and I saw a Class 66 - Freightliner and load just outside Warsaw... Modelling heaven?
  9. I visited this display a few years ago. It is incredible. Some of the detail, the wee bits that are hidden to give you a giggle, the technology. It is well worth a visit, but allow at least a couple of hours.