Model Railways - Any hints and tips

Discussion in 'DIY' started by Legs, Dec 30, 2011.

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  1. My OH have just bought ourselves a large home in Jockland. Now that we have the space we want to build a small scale model railway. Not just for the trains, but more than that we want to build the model town and scenery around it. We fancy 1950s - 1960s era (bit of steam, bit of diesel). Has anyone built a layout? Any hints and tips as to where to start? Anyone got a layout they can post photos of?

    We don't want to pay out silly money, but we want it to look good. I am very experienced with plastic model kits and an airbrush if that makes any difference!
  2. Legs, you don't say what scale railway you want. It makes a BIG difference to the bank balance.
  3. As I said - any hints and tips! I want it large enough that I can get a little detail into the town, but small enough that I can get a lot of town in the room. HO probably. It seems fairly common in the shops.
  4. HO is 1/72(approx) scale, there's tons of it on ebay and model shops alike, it will cost you a fortune unless your handy with chicken wire and paper mashe.
    Unless you've got Pete Waterman as best mates expect to spend many hours with boring train types!
  5. From what I can see HO is 1/87 scale.
  6. Brio is better than BigJigs.

  7. 1/72 scale fits fairly well, most buildings etc you can get away with it, even things like cars and trucks. only looks a bit odd when you use 1/72 people.
  8. I had N gauge when I was a kid, fleishman I think it was, good stuff.
  9. My old Mate, building a layout is easy, the problems could arise with Signalling,
    Points and Scenery.
    If you plan to model a specific location, you will need plans and what really is the
    most important aspect of ANY layout is that the radius of any curves will never be in
    scale, unless you have unlimited space.
    A few years ago I constructed a working model of Leeds Holbeck MPD, the Shed and
    yard took up 6'x4' you will never be satisfied, there will always
    be a bit more to do!!!!
    Depending on where you want to create your layout, I have plans of all the Loco
    Sheds, the NE and WR books are very detailed, as long as you return them, it will
    be a pleasure to help.....My Steam Library is extensive and very dear to me but the
    same applies....anytime, Mate.

    Please, please don't do what most layouts do ie. mix Loco's, rolling stock etc.
    try and stick to one Region, it will be a hell of a lot more realistic and will appeal more
    to the purists amongst prepared for flak and piss taking on here but
    stuff 'em all.
    PM me anytime.
  10. I was thinking of a fictional town, Northern, industrial (mills, factories, car plants) with terraced streets heading up to hills. To me, the town is the thing I really want to build. The railway is just a part of it.

    Edited to add: I have the space for about a 10 x 7 ft layout.
  11. In that case, I would suggest 'N' Gauge and have the layout one sided only, you
    stated that you are used to modelling, you will need to be up to speed on weathering
    but there are many excellent Card Kits on the market which come ready weathered.
    Hope you have deep pockets and plenty of time to'll need it!
  12. Snetterton Models can be a pretty dangerous place for your savings account LINKY
  13. Agreed, a good shop and you can ogle the preserved Armour nearby.
    They used to complain like hell when I parked the Artic outside.
  14. apparently 3D printers are getting affordable, maybe there are 3D printing copy shops ? That would probably be the way to go for authentic period architecture ( you could probably make the CAD model from old photos ) unless you like modelling in milliput (which is what I'd do) ?
  15. Buy stuff from a model railway shop.