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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Albertous, Dec 16, 2010.

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  1. It has been noted that on several threads one particular arrser has been requesting the start of a thread such as this. The arrsers persistance has aroused the suspicions of the Waltenkommando who have checked to ensure the arrser in question is not a railway modeller walt.

    Fortunately their intensive investigation and digging has revealed that TheIronDuke is not a model railway walt but a genuine signed up member of the Barton-on-Wald Model Railways Club and past president of the Little Dribblers "OO" Scale Society with over 40 years experience in the, to some at least, fascinating hobby.

    To confirm TID's bona fides the following two photogaraphs have been provided, the first showing TID is a young and thrusting modeller on the far left at the start of his fixation, the second taken only last week by the covert surveillance section of the Waltenkommando shows TID again on the left but confirming the years of burning the midnight oil constructing little replica trains and scale building and in depth research into the details of little known and long forgotten railway lines have not been kind to him.

    Has anyone else got any "fascinating" tales they would like to confess about their attraction to little puffer trains or have we all been ill informed and thought we had better things to do?

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  2. TOOT TOOT! Chuffachuffachuffa.
  3. I used to be partial to Ivor the Engine as a child.
  4. We want to know your model railway tales not sexual fantasies!! I am sure there is another thread for those. :)
  5. A few years ago I was working on a TV documentary about the Mini. We needed an opening title sequence so we sought the permission of the model village at Bekonscot to film with a radio controlled model mini. We could probably have shot what we needed in an hour or two- but it was a such a laugh driving the car around the streets of the little villagethat we were buggering about all day. Trying to get the mini through the points just before a speeding train passed caused a couple of spectacular de-railments. Eventually a red faced chap identical to the bearded bloke above and sporting a GWR cap came out and did some shouting.

    I'm sorry Duke, hopefully you managed to mend that gauge 1 steam engine.

    Bekonscot Model Village Railway - Driver's eye view on Vimeo
  6. How do you know your girlfriend is too young?

    You have to make choo choo sounds when putting your cock in her mouth.

    Thanks to Jimmy Carr.
  7. Don't knock it until you've tried a bit of Jones the Steam.
    And don't get me started on Mr. Dinwiddy.
  8. She could stoke my boiler anytime

  9. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    You should see the Model Railway in Heath park in Cardiff, It's f@cking massive, I don't do model trains myself, more of a steam roller,traction engine buff, but it's some ruddy trainset
  10. Not very good at attention to basic details are they!!...Not one signal or line signage to be seen on the whole route!
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  11. I have a Thomas the Tank engine set on a 00 railway track. Sir Topham Hatt does it for me every time. He's so masterful......................

  12. They do say girth is more important than length...

  13. Just look at him, he is soooooooooo sexy!!!

  14. And economical...I believe this model reqires only a single AA battery.

    ...but I guess it depends on how much you use him! ;-)
  15. Well now, that would be telling ;-)