Model Making for sexual deviants

Sick bastard. They have to censor showing her c*nt but not sh*t coming out of her backside?

Now where's my credit card?
a truly great squaddie model, you can save money on brown paint and add an extra dimension by using your own or your chicks plop to paint them

Outstanding......... I'm going to place an order


Kit Reviewer
Which of the Arrse 'Maidens' most resembles which of the models ?
:? A new low has been reached... almost. 8O

:idea: :idea: :idea: I wonder if they will do special commisions witha j peg of model accompanying payment... the list of targets are endless... :D
Why does the owner of that website also have a directory full of kittens? There's hundreds of em-guess he can't get enough.

Now that is concerning.
And you brits call us "yanks" strange...
Oh, those have been around for years. :roll: I have got a Limited edition commemorative Lady Di version from the Royal wedding... :D
nice conversation items for the living room mantlepiece.

"and if you look closely you'll see i added sweetcorn on this one and blood smears on that one"



:lol: :lol:
8O Sick sick sick!

What on earth were you browsing for when you 'came across' that one?
oh, those loveable Japanese..

they'll make ' models' of anything..
I suppose if they can make realistic plastic replicas of food, its only right to make relaistic plastic replicas of what happens to the food after its consumed..

Still, makes you wonder about where their heads are at.. anyone who gets off on cartoon porn can do this stuff..

would love to hear the kid telling his folks what he wants to do as a career, though..

I'm going to make plasti models of girls having a sh*t for a living...
Oh, son, we're so proud.. wait til we tell the neighbours...

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