I am currently running a JNCO Cadre and was asked if their was a standard model kit (markings) available on disc. I have never used any thing other than what is at hand in my belt kit, pockets or surroundings but thought this may be a good idea for future courses, but being a lazy f***er I thought I would ask if any one had one first before I start work. So if any one has, and are willing to share the wealth, would you PM me with the solution?



Interesting! I didn't know there were 'standard' markings for model kits. I've made my own cards but they are just simple bits of laminated paper with different coloured backgrounds and such things as "RV1" etc. written on them. I suppose it depends whether you're Infantry or Corps and whether you need things such as, for example, radio relay cards.

If you need standard map markings you can find them on LAND CSS(R) if you have access to that?
The Tactical Ground Environment Briefing Visualisation Toolkit (TGEBVT) is currently planned to be taken forward by workpackages within the 2006 Applied Research Programs funded by DEC CC+II.

Early prototypes are likley to be evlaluated by ITDU as early as 2009. Current plans are that industry are likley to be invited to demonstrate suitable TGEBVT applications at CWID 2010. CWID

Early requirements capture workshops indicate the finished application may look like something like this:
TGEBVT draft rqmnt


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I wasnt posting looking for bone answers. I thought someone may have something on disc that I could use to assist future NCOs rather than them going into shops like sad supplies and parting with hard earned cash on kit they should be able to get through the system. Cheers

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