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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by abs4253, Mar 28, 2006.

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  1. I need to put together a model kit for my PNCO's cadre, what are everyone's recommendations?
  2. msr

    msr LE


    Click on 'search', then put in 'model kit' and click on the 'Search for all terms' radion button.

    When you have come back from your course, put the best ideas you saw into a wiki page ;)

  3. Bits of laminated or at least weighted card (bluetac a penny underneath) for things such as 'Enemy', 'Tanks', '1 welexbian scrotes plt (us)', 'here be dragons' etc, string is usefull too. All you need then is some imagination and natural resources - sticks for boundaries, gravel/string/foot powder to mark roads, acorns/leaves/grass/turd for trees or whatever really. Maybe a poncho. As long as it stands out and is obvious as to what is what then you can't go too wrong.

    Some people like to use powdered paint and all sorts of things, but it's up to you really.
  4. Always found raiding the Monopoly set quite useful.
  5. :lol: Boy are you in trouble!, last time I made that crack on a thread about model kits, certain Arrsers (who shall remain nameless) practically burst major blood vessels. :roll:
    Lets see how excited they get this time. :D
  6. Thats fine if you plan to attack a Iron, a large dog and a top hat.
  7. Don't forget the plastic soldiers/warhammer/Lego figures.. Alternatively just get to your local toyshop and get some Airfix, Chally 2 or something is suitably patriotic. 10 pieces per man, they can share the glue and paints between them.
  8. I lost most of my model kit on SPTA so don't bother getting one of those expensive jobbers in a baccy tin. Print off some TLA's on a pc, print it out fabon it and cut round the edges with mummys scissors, then get to a local shop and buy some ribbon of various colours for roads rivers etc. Mine cost me about £2
  9. borrow/steal someone elses from your unit before you go
  10. Alternatively phone up the signals museum shop at blandford and mail order one for about £7 its got most of the essentials, and you can add bits to it to suit yourself.

  11. Lego blocks, then when you get bored...... a house, a train etc
  12. What's wrong with using Monopoly pieces? I'm not saying put down a dog or an iron, but the houses and hotels would be very useful. Please note that I've never made a model before, I've only ever seen them being made.

    Click here for Monopoly pieces
  13. Provided you are only doing fibua then its fine a bit chippy in fact a lot chippy but would do at a pinch. All you need is some blue string to represent blue sting and a few pine cones.
  14. I use an old tobaco tin sprayed black. The lid is sprayed white and has a north arrow on it. I have a large number of credit card sized cards, fabloned with various useful things pre marked. I used different coloured cards for different things, ie. Red for enemy, Blue for freindly. The backs are left blank so i can write on them with a OHP marker or china graph if something i didn't think of come up. I have ribbons and string various colours and thicknesses. Everthing else I find o nthe day.

    Don't go mad, or you'll never lift your bergan mate.

    It shouldn't cost more than a couple of quid and the more you use it, the better it will get.