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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Armd_Farmer, Feb 27, 2008.

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  1. We're all big kidz at heart, and there's nothing better than building your own model kit 8O Honest!

    check out this web site CLICK ME Click on PRODUCTS ... and again on PRODUCTS (its a bit difficult to navigate otherwise! - especially for nokkers :wink: )

    Theres everything from Cents/Frogs/Avre/Avlb/Scammels/Trailers and anything else you care to want to build!

    Probably the best model site on the net!

    drool over the AVLB with No8 Bridge :p

    Hope this helps you out... especially the big kids like me
  2. And I thought the other 4 armoured threads were 4 too many.
  3. What the f***! My model chieftain AVLB is leaking oil!
  4. Accy Armour's kits are superb, but they are cast in polyurethane resin & are definitely not for beginners. They cannot be thrown together in an evening, but with care & patience will turn into superb replicas; they are also quite expensive, because of the high cost of the resin casting process. If anyone's considering buying, I'd suggest starting with one of their conversions to gain experience with resin; in some cases they will also sell you the plastic base kit for which the conversion is meant.
    Accy Armour are very helpful, answer all e-mails promptly & have a good rep for worldwide mail order service. They've recently begun producing a series of conversions for the AFV Club Centurion kits, so that should please you RE types.
    For impartial reviews of some of their products check out HTH, B_D_S
  5. Brush_Dust_Shake - aww c'mon, youre talking to engineers here, anything can be made from Hesco, Harry Black and sandbags. Glue is for losers. We've got fabricators and welders for the tricky stuff. Even a clerk of works to read the instructions and make it more complicated than it needs be.... then there's the risk assessments, COSH register, safety data sheets. Disclaimers .. need i go on?

    pmsl, how many engineers would it take to build a toy? .... can of worms there!
  6. I think I would rather go to the MOD auctions and get a real one than pay that much for a plastic one!!! :D
  7. Nice site - i got all excited with the 4.2in Mortar Ammo :lick:
  8. geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
  9. There's hope for you yet nightrained old boy... thats the most sensible thing I have 'heard' you 'say' on this site!
  10. ... if it wasn't it'd be ferkin empty then were'd you be :?
  11. Seconded! :D Maybe he is ready for that Cadre... :wink:

    The Frog brings back happy memories tho'


    But at 60 quid they can stay memories...
  12. Accurate Armour are awesome I've made quite a few of their kit's and their after market products are superb.
    Very expensive but as stated once built they produce an excellent replica.

    Definately not for beginners.
  13. wow .. didnt think there would be so many model geeks out there!! :)

    black maskers and a stanley knife. Prittstick and err :D 6" nails all the way