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Mode of exit review and upcoming tribunal


Hi all I am after some advice. I have been fighting for compensation for PTSD which is documented as being service attriburafrom AFCS and have an upcoming tribunal on the 24th November in which I have representatives from RBL fighting my case. VUK somehow didn’t obtain my medical records past 2017 and said that I was cured!!! I have evidence against this decision so feel prepared for my tribunal. I have recently undergone a Mode of Exit review and my discharge has been changed from a voluntary one (QR 606(7)) to a medical discharge (QR 607(15)(a)).
How will this affect my tribunal?
What is the process for this? (Do I need to do anything my end)
How quickly on average does my pension take to take effect? I’m on AFPS 75
Will I get it back dated to 2013 when I left?
Thanks for any advice you have


Hi mate

if you have the evidence for your ptsd I'm pretty sure it will be straight forward as you can argue your mental state wasn't good and therefore you signed off due to the illness but not entirely sure so cant really comment with any assurance as I don't know the ins and outs.

If you get a medical discharge it will be an AFCS Pension as its post 2005 and you'll get a final decision as its post 5 years so will come with a tariff level, some compensation and f the award is higher than a level 12, you'll get GIP and maybe AFIP if on level 8 or 6. as soon as the decision is made it'll be put through in a matter of 4-6 weeks as long as AFCS don't argue the outcome in which they have 40 odd days to do so.

Good luck with it mate keep me posted with the outcome

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