moddified webbing

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by acm2205, Jun 23, 2007.

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  1. Anybody know of any internet sites selling quality moddified ammo pouches with velcro fastening instead of the clips?
  2. bit crude but u could cut the clips off
  3. was thinking more along the lines of the ones with velcro running nearly the length of the pouch for a more secure fastening.
  4. think i know a site i'll try and find it.
  5. CADET chandler you fruit bat

    its not the same

    ACM try troopers, jay jays

    they will either make them for you or crop issue ones & doo a proper job

    troopers at colli did me a set of the airbourne stuff which is pritty impressive it has the velcro seal on ammo pouches
  6. yes thats similar but after looking at all 3 & ringing and speaking to them i thought troopers sounded better
  7. i am aware that i am only a cadet and have not the vast exp of regs but still can help in some ways.
  8. yes but butchering the ammo pouches with the poxy bit of valcro you get on it is not the best

    no offence i am not a reg only ta but not the best advice to give

    old saying button today, magazine pouch tommorrow, lost mag man down submarine hatch everything
  9. id rather not desicrate webbing either, only as last resort, and the flimsy velco probably wouldnt stand up to much, one cadet did this and lost 12 mags, so no not the best soloution
  10. exactly you answered your own reply really didnt you

    but keep learning whats best practice can only make you better

    by the way 12 fookin mags how the hell did he has a cadet have 12 mags to llose in the first place
  11. 12 mags? Both magazine pockets completely full?

    Someones bullsh1tting you!
  12. only 3 had ammo in, he was carrying speares though, (Senior Cadre)
  13. got most back though, some luky bugger though someday is gonna get a couple of mags whilst walking his dog one day.
  14. Carrying Spears ???Didnt realise the cadet were so hard up