MODACs - I know what MODACs is but what are MODACs?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by CC_TA, Sep 4, 2012.

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  1. What constitutes a MODAC?

    Is there a definitive list of what is a MODAC?

    We are being to told to complete MODAC checks but we are getting mixed messages on what we should be checking.

    Any of you geeks out there able to post a list or a link to a list of what a MODAC is?

    Cheers in advance.
  2. Binos and prismatic compasses.

    Phone your RQ/QM or even your BOWO as there can be divergences from canon depending on unit... and they should be telling you what you do hold, for checking agaist.
  3. Ministry Of Defence ACCountable items.

    Starred items, basically. Binos, Compass, CWS, that sort of jazz.

    No definite list as its down to what starred items your Q man decides to give you.

    Best bet is to speak to him direct.
  4. Not quite, IIRC. This may be total sh!te, but it sounded plausible at the time.

    In the beginning was WOCS - War Office Controlled Stores. Then the fluffy tree-huggers renamed it in the 1960s ("War Office - want a fight?") and so you got MODACS - MoD Accountable Controlled Stores.
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  5. I think they might be over doing it with the items on the list. Will dispatch the G10 gadgy to the RQ to try and get a concise list. (And then cuff it from there!)
  6. G10 for men can be ont he list too. Basically anything with a serial number. In the main though MODACs is binos, prismatics, G10s (if you hav ethem) and compasses. Stop watches too, if you have them.

    Basically all the specialist, serial numbered kit, that ISN'T checked elsewhere. So you shouldn't see (for example) rifles on there.

    Unless you have a store full of expensive and serial numbered kit the MODAC check shoudn't be that big... unless someone has got confused with a 3 monthly, 10% or even a BOO/100%.

    Or they're calling it a MODAC check, when in reality they are just pumping out lists of kit they'd like you to check. There are quidelines, but in effect teh QM could mandate a 100% quantity and serial number check every 12 hours if he felt like it.
  7. Agreed, serial numbered stuff, unless it is on the other controlled lists; that is an armoury, sigs det, MT det or big things like tanks and helicopters.

    There will be somewhere in your unit a MODAC list, that is what you should be checking, it should be done at least once a month, duty officer normally got pinged for it, 10% or 100% depending on rotation of equipment.
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