hi, probably a stupid question to you, but new to the TA, i have heard about the mod90 card and believe that they are id cards but also can be produced at places for discounts?? Do TA qualify for these and if so when do you recieve one?
cheers guys
Its the standard ID card. In many TA units it lives in your documents file and is only issued out rarely - it used to be just short of a hanging offence to lose one so it was a "protection" measure not to let you have it in your wallet, ready to lose. Yes, some places offer military discounts so its handy to have.

Good luck with extracting yours from the Office.....They'll usually try to fob you off with a paper "chit in lieu". The only real reason for needing one tho' is if you need to get access to a gated MOD site. If all you are doing is rocking up to a stand-alone TAC you will not need it.
i use mine all the time blag blag blag even get 15% at the pictures and i used it i currys when my washing machine went tits up the manager was ex forces and gave me £20 off a new one despite the sales assistant saying no discounts were available


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You'll get discounts most places if you are assertive enough without any cards. Play one compnay off with another. moneysavingsexpert will have loads of tips and offers on.
I am surprised at the fact TA have their kept in the office, when the Reg and ACF keep theirs with them at all times.

Last time I checked TA are full of adults and should be treated like one.

That said you can use it to blag discounts, its even better in the USA and Canada, you have more options to use it. including free entry to Busch gardens, Seaworld and various other locations.
My recollection (which may be thoroughly out of date) is that there's little in the way of an organized system of discounts -- it's not like there's an official "MOD 90 discount catalogue" -- but it's often worth simply asking "Do you give a forces discount" or words to that effect. Responses will range from "No we ******* don't! I hate soldiers! IRAQ. AFGHANISTAN. NORTHERN IRELAND. RANT RANT RANT!" to "Yeah, course, I was in the [fill in name of military outfit]" followed by half an hour of warry stories and a discount.

It's always worth a try. My best use of it was hitch-hiking from Dover to London in the days when there were a fair number of cars with BFG (British Forces Germany) numberplates rolling off the ferry. I stuck my MOD 90 out at the same time as my thumb whenever one of those went by and the second or third one gave me a lift!
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