MOD90 legitimate national ID card?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Espionage, Mar 10, 2006.

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  1. Sorry if this is in the wrong section, thought this was a good place to ask a random question. (probs wrong)

    Sorry if this is a 'WAH' but I honestly don't know.

    Is the MOD90 a legitimate national ID card? Recognized across the country as an Identification Card? (Nightclubs, Proof of age etc) Is it recommended to use instead of your passport?

  2. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....................
  3. Walt or what. Why on earth would you want to flash your MOD90 in a night club? Hope to pull 'cos all the girlies are gagging for a squadie? Get real.
  4. Thanks for that mate.
  5. Nightclub was an example, although if I was to use it in a night club, the bouncers would be the only viewers.
  6. What sort of waltish question is that, its people like you that give stabs a bad name.
  7. Why the sudden attack? I'm only asking if it's recognized nationally.
  8. lololol.... Oh well.. I suppose you could ask the question... If and when the new Identity cards (that all UK residents will have to carry) become a mandatory thing, will the MOD 90 suffice instead of the ID card that civvies will have to carry..??

    As for showing bouncers your MOD 90, why not try going to the club or pub in your uniform that way you will not have to bother searching your pockets for your ID Card!! Just a thought :wink:
  9. You forgot to mention that all the girls are gagging for men in uniform :D
  10. There was a time when you could go into a bank and present your MOD90 and get cash (I hasten to add it came out of your pay). Before the time of flexy credit. I have travelled to the US on an ID card and NATO travel order. If and when the new ID card comes in the MOD 90 will probably be the same and be issued before the public one.
  11. lots of bouncers wont have ever seen a MOD90 so might not accept it
  12. There have been incidents of airlines refusing to take MOD90 in lieu of passport/photo drivers licence for UK internal flights.

    edit: this is a completely different issue from it being accepted at immigration. Airlines which insist on passports etc for UK internal flts have no obligation to accept MOD90 and some, at least, will not.
  13. Never had a problem when showing mines comming into the Uk instead of my passport, However dont go showing it to bouncers as a place I used to go to when I was at leccy (LA's in Hull) the bouncers there would Id the squaddies and take the ID card off them if they wanted to get in to the club. If you were a naughty boy they'd either cut it up or just not give you it back....£90 fine for a replacement :?
  14. I dont bother showing my ID Card to bouncers anymore! They either wont let you in for the cliche of us 'all being trouble makers' Or dont know what the fcuk it is anyway!
    Also if you end up getting nicked for some reason! And the plod find out you've got it on you, Then they ring up the RMP's who consequently ring up your unit guardroom, and you end up getting shafted by your Razman when you get back!
    Stick to taking out your driving license mate.
  15. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Espionage obviously has no idea of the legitimacy of your MOD90 as an ID card as he does not - or never will - posess one. Or possibly has just recieved his, and is just as excited as getting his first credit card with 49%APR to go buy his 1.1 Saxo with.

    If you go drinking in non-squaddie haunts, showing it to bouncers is either gauranteed to deny entry, or to single you out for a discreet kicking should the opportunity arise. When asked for ID myself (even though i am over 30!) i always go for the driving licence, fine if i am out local (licence registered to my quarter), but if i'm on the pop anywhere else then bouncers instantly see you aren't a local, spot the haircut and other combat indicators, and simply go "fcuk off, squaddie dick!"

    As for use instead of your passport - the days of rolling through Europe on a NATO travel order + MOD90 are long gone. Passport, or no travel nowadays.

    Either a Wahhh or a very naive uneducated fool. I suspect the latter.