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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cpt_Darling, Nov 12, 2007.

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  1. Hey all,
    Im in the RAuxAF and have mates who want to have a look round the sites of Edinburgh, I was just wondering if the Castle is one of the places that give a squaddie discount?Save more money for the post-tour drinks!

  2. Believe you get in free showing your MOD90 - probably best to check though!
  3. Would it just be myself?Or would the others get some discount?If you can't tell I'm a tight barsteward!

  4. Yep, free to squaddies. It is HQ 52 Inf Bde after all. Just show your ID card to the lads on the gate from 2 SCOTS.
  5. Its sometimes less easy when the civvy Hysterical Scotland folk are on the gate. They often do not know that you have a right to enter. They also do not know that joe public has a right to free entry as well if he says he is going to visit the scottish National War Memorial. Do not take any stick about buying tickets. Its your right.

    It should work with friends and family as well. Last time I took a group of 4 adults and assorted ankle-biters. March up to the beggars like you own the place !.
  6. That was a ponder there, last time i was up it was mainly a civvi booth as opposed to a couple guys stagging on
  7. One would have thought Hstorical Scotland would get it right rather than screw people for a fee!
  8. historic scotland charged me 2yrs ago bar stewards,,
    even though i said was going to look at the national war memorial,
  9. Showing your ID card at the gate doesn't work - I tried it! :oops:

    Went there myself recently and you have to queue up with the hoi polloi sadly, show your ID card to the nice people in the ticket booth and you'll be issued with a gratis entry ticket. :)

    Have to say that it's not the place I remember visiting as a child - everythings shrunk 8O . Though the war memorial is still impressive, a very humbling experience. :salut:

    Oh and for recommendations for spending saved beer tokens, you can't beat The Scotsmans Bar on Cockburn Street :D

  10. The post tour drinks location is not a problem, The Rose St Challenge is alot of fun! :D
  11. All Historic Scotland sites are free to service personnel. Ask the person in the booth to look up their discount book, its around discount code 300 ish.
  12. Myself and Mrs Stilts both serving went to the castle last year whilst on a course, we both flashed our MOD90's and got in free, (we had to call for paramedics - due to the shock)!!!!!

  13. rose st is sh@t hole your better of in the grassmarket or the pubic triangle
    even lothiian rd is better than rose st unless your planning a trip to club 30.
    flashing yor id at the castle drawbridge usually works as the summer staff have now left and the older guys are all ex military, but why not contact 52 brigade and book yourself in for a vist and save all the hastle
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