MOD90 and ID discs

Discussion in 'ACF' started by clanker, Jun 30, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone else out there in ACF Officer land been issued with the MOD90, and get this, ID disc`s, full on job two of them with blood group,nos, name, dob and religion, or is it jusy my Commandant going off on one.
  2. why would he need id discs? they are only supposed to be for operational theatres and sunshine jollys arent they?
  3. Clanker,

    Your Commandant is either using:

    1. Dog tags issued whilst he was a reg
    2. Has bought a set off the internet (

    Cadets, officers or otherwise, are not issued dog tags nor are they, despite what some would have you believe, eligible for call up to Iraq, Afghanistan or even fcuking Crowborough
  4. No, we have been issued them, with no information as to why or when we wear them , other than "you are commisioned officers" , I think he thinks a TA (B) commision is more than it is.
  5. MOD90's and tags? I havnt seen one officer with any form of mod 90 or anyone in the ACF (unless attached or permanant staff) come to that. Its not just another officer thing wanting to be involved in the real world thing is it?
  6. Sounds like it mate. WHy the hell you would need dog tags I don't know, the recruit cadres arn't that bad!
  7. Officers in YACF have been issued with MoD90s. The form also carried details for identity discs but I don't think anyone bothered filling this bit in.
  8. That must be it then HPF, I never saw the form for the MOD90, I was asked to supply new photo for ID and the rest of the details where taken over the phone. Sounds as though my CO wants his own barmy army!
  9. I think you may be right !!
  10. I wouldn't worry too much about it, if you do get issued a MOD90 , its handy for free entry to Events, museums and theme parks in USA that has corporate support for soldiers , other than that it's not a penis extension tool.

    my ACF ID is good for that too.

    if given one i would not refuse it and most certainly not abuse it, as being walty is not my thing.
  11. It is also good for getting into RSL clubs in Australia but then so is an RBL card. In the USA however you can get accommodation in BOQs and also into some PXs whilst holidaying. If you are staying in the BOQs or indeed some places have a "Travelodge" type family motel (e.g. Bragg) you can get a day-pass for commissary and buy all manner of good gizzits.
  12. You’re forgetting the ever important half price at Dominos, a must for all pizza lovers :wink:
  13. MOD 90 quite common in some ACF parts. I've got one although I've never been asked to produce it. The new 2005 edition of the ACF Manual gives authority for ACF officers, by virtue of their commissions on the TA General List, to have MOD 90 issued. There is no provision for identity discs however.
  14. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Where can i get a list of the discoutns available? Apparently BK used to do it, didnt know about dominos....
  15. There used to be and Army Discounts Brochure available online but it appears to have been replaced by a new website:
    I've never used it myself but seems to have some good deals.