Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by wishfulthinking, Mar 14, 2013.

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  1. Hello all,

    I've recently completed mod 1 with my UOTC, and instead of continuing on to mod 2 I'm considering transferring into the local TA unit as a soldier. Question is, does my mldp mod 1 count for anything, or will I need to start from scratch and complete TSC(A)?

  2. Hi,

    I did the same thing as you, transferring to a Group A TA unit after a year - OTC wasn't for me. My mod 1 counted, in that I haven't had to do TSC A or B, but I chose the glorious RAMC. I recall, however, that a few of the guys that left OTC and went to infantry units were made to do TSC A, as an acknowledgment that the training we received wasn't up to the required standard.

    I did my mod 1 in the year of funding cuts (2009-10) so my training was maybe the exception, but I get the impression that in reality training is variable between different OTCs, even though it shouldn't be as it is dictated centrally from RMAS. Because of this, the COs of some units preferred that their guys went through TSC A just to be sure they were up to the standard of everyone else.

    I did my mod 2 with the RTC and I was nowhere up to the standard of the "trained" TA soldiers on the first few weekends (who had done TSC A and B/summer challenge), both infantry and corps. I picked it up quickly enough, but there was that initial period where I was the duty mong through lack of training.

    Hope this helps, feel free to PM me.
  3. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    The whole UOTC commissioning process (Mods 1-4) does, in theory, create a deployable trained soldier at the end but the individual modules don't equate to the modules of soldier recruit training so, in theory, uncommissioned UOTC cadets are not trained soldiers. Having said that, it will depend on the receiving unit CO or TM whether they want to make a transferring UOTC cadet do TSC(a) etc. There are anomalies however: when I was a UOTC 2ic, one of our cadets volunteered for an op tour during an involuntary gap year and got on tour with no problems: supposedly his Optag took care of the trained soldier trivia.
  4. Your TA unit can give you chapter and verse. The info they need is, as I recall, on the front page of the TA ARTD pages on DII.

    In a nutshell: if you are coming straight across you can choose to do all of TSC(A) again or at a minimum you should go to an ATU for an assessment weekend (weekend 10 at Malta barracks, if you are in this area). If they pass you you need to to attend TSC(B) - or CTC if inf.

    OTC syllabus doesnt cover CBRN as stated, but more importantly it doesnt cover certain SAA lessons.

    This ruling came out in about 2010-2011. However, as with all these things because DII is so difficult to find your way round, few units know about it! One hopes it will change when RMAS take over OTC training!
  5. Some hope! We, 51(Scottish) Bde OTW still don't know our future WRT our we coming under the wing of an OTC and if so which one, or if we stay as we are because we're in Scotland and just have to be different or will we be disbanded and let he OTCs get on with training TAPOs....

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