Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by old_bloke, Apr 8, 2005.

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  1. Sorry to harp on but,

    Just seen the latest “SSVC/BFBS” reports that we get here.

    Superb shots of the Jaguar Squadrons wasting hundreds of thousands of pounds for fuel, manpower, airtime, airframes, and weapons etc for an aircraft that is out of service next year.

    How great it must have been to blow shite out of the Omani desert while “training” the Omani Air force- (thought most of their pilots were ex RAF anyway) how to blow shite out of the desert. If their pilots are actually ex RAF pilots don’t they (the pilots) already know how to do this??

    Next article was about Veteran Associations and Government support from the UK, America, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

    TCH speaking first followed by the Minister of Veterans (anybody know of him?), a MP by the name of Ivor Caplin.

    It was nice to hear that as of 2005 any Widow of a serviceman who , as The right Honourable MP himself said “ In the event of the ultimate sacrifice” had died in service before 1973 they are entitled to an extra... wait for it ..

    All of the widows are going to receive an extra …one hundred and four pounds a year.

    That’s right, less than 28 pence a day for a fallen husband and serviceman.

    So the true worth of a fallen comrade is how much?


    Comments please.
  2. Ivor Caplin MP, Under-Secretary of State for Defence. Has been mentioned once or twice on ARRSE...

    Thanks for SSVC/BFBS update
  3. Did this little gem come out just as the electioneering began to gather momentum? Sadly, we live in a time of knee jerk politics, not the politics of conviction; I would wager a fiver that the Right Honourable gentleman thought he'd gain a few extra votes by announcing this paltry sum at this juncture.
  4. It's good to know that, should I ever make the ultimate sacrifice for Queen, Country and Saint Tony, my wife's pension will have been increased so much that she will be able to eat beans on toast once a day with the increase alone.

    Rejoice comrades, the Government have not forgotten us!

  5. Why is it £104 per year and not £105 ? Did some scrote at the MoD decide that stealing a quid of each widow would save a nice little chunk of money to waste on something else ?
  6. More to the point, you'd get more if you claimed off the MoD for some Isum (Sexisum, Racisum etc.) than you would if you get on and do your job and getting killed or injured in the process!
  7. How about trying to claim for "deadism", i.e. the fact that they're discriminating against you because you're dead?
  8. But don't you have to appear in court in person to do that?
  9. Not really a problem - just wheel what's left in and attach it to a chair. Then issue gas masks to everyone in the room (S10 being the current? - sorry, ignorant civvy). The only hassles would come when you had to give evidence...but that's nothing a reliable medium couldn't solve*

    *reliable: appointed by the plaintiff, NOT the MoD.
  10. At a rough guess, because £104 per year = £2 per week

    Of course, £104 per year sounds a lot more than £2 per week :evil: