MoD views eco-home for Afghanistan use

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Jan 1, 2010.

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  1. MoD views eco-home for Afghanistan use
    Friday, January 01, 2010, 07:30
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    MINISTRY of Defence officials have visited a building site near Swadlincote to find out more about new methods being used to create an environmentally-friendly house.

    The MoD, along with members of the Royal Engineers based at Chilwell, visited the site in Netherseal to look at the eco-home, which is being developed by Brigden Investments.

    It is hoped that some of the building methods used by Brigden can be applied to housing in Afghanistan.

    The 9,500sq ft property is designed to be sustainable and will cost only £150 a year to heat. A typical detached house, of 1,500sq ft, has an annual heating bill of around £800. The main structure of the building is being built using polystyrene blocks filled with concrete, making it bomb proof and bullet proof.

    Site manager John Bridges said: "Although conditions for building in the UK and Afghanistan are completely different, the process of building will be the same. We were happy to welcome the Royal Engineers on site to discuss the project.
  2. "bomb proof and bullet proof."
    That's quite handy.
  3. Hope to **** this isnt house building for afghans or am I reading that wrong?
  4. The Afghani's have their own 'eco' homes.

    THey have been building them for yeasr... it is only in UK with our sh1tty 'chuck 'em up quick' bulk desgined and production line built houses we have lost some of our most basic lessons.

    South facing windows, North facing corridors/out houses for insulation etc.
  5. This much needed accomodation uplift will raise morale with all those hard pressed men and women in slipper city.
  6. Seems we are in for the long haul then…
  7. Why would you say that?
  8. Simples, could not give a flying **** about afghans getting housing of us, was paticulary disturbed when Afghan Asylum seeker and family got a council house. Next door neighbor has lost job, worst all his wife lost a job at the same firm, result was that they became homeless applied for a council house, remember they paid there income tax, national insurance and council tax. They could not get a council house.

    So when our glouious leaders start dishing out housing makes me a little miffed.

    But as I read it its for our lads, good.
  9. Or are they going to build a Pads estate in Bastion!

  10. I went on this visit and the story (although true) over plays the MOD interest.

    The building technique and the material would definately suit our activities in theatre but it is a long way off being used in anger. Obviously it wouldn't be used for homes, it would be used for offices etc.
  11. Surely if this housing helps ease discontent, and provides a place for homeless Afghans to live in Afghanistan then not only will it aid the war effort, but it'll also mean less asylum seekers.

    But it's pretty immaterial, as it seems this stuff is being considered for our own use.
  12. maybe its a manouverist the taleban houses then hand them over to DE and MHS to manage thereby shattering their cohesion and will to fight...