MoD: "Troops To Receive New Combat Boots"

Brown then. Not green or black or camoflage or any of the other combinations that were banding about the rumour mill...
5 types of boot, in male and female styles. The clothing store staff have now got something to really whine about.


Yippee - another set (or two) for the back of the wardrobe. Mrs Chimera will be so pleased!
To be "bulled" up black no doubt making the whole thing pointless by next year, that **** looks like a sack of shit held together with string anyway.
Out of curiosity, how do these sort of boots work for the trades that get covered in oil and shite.

We used to have one pair that you couldn't get a polish on as they were basically soaked in diesel but were actually great in the field as they were pretty much waterproof, and a second pair that were for smart stuff.

What I mean is, the new crop of boots seem far more tech based than the old Mk1 LPC, and I can only imagine they get completely fucked.
I still have DMS in the Loft, maybe I can paint them brown and convince the CO that they are the new boot...
Warrant Officer Class One Julie Lodge from the Ministry of Defence's Defence Clothing team said:

"The boots we have now do the job well, but having footwear that is specially designed for female troops means we get an even better result, and marks a real development in the kit available to us"

Going to be a bit hard on your spogs then precious if you're in godknowswhere,need some new boots, and they only have standard blokey shaped boots, isnt it?
I was a bit confused by this statement -

'The improved brown boots, which have been developed to match the Multi Terrain Pattern uniform worn by all service personnel, will be made in two different width fittings, taking into account for the first time the different foot shapes of men and women.'

Someone correct me if im wrong but im pretty sure the current boots already come in 3 width fittings.

Oh and those brown boots are ******* 'orrible.
Now we all no the colour of the new boots i'm sure everyone will more than likely just go buy Altberg, Lowa's in brown so makes no odds!

I like the look of them and I'm a tight wad who begrudges paying for kit the army should supply!, (I do like my Altberb warrior's tho ;-))

but as others have said for most of the lads they will just be another couple of pairs taking up space in the wardrobe because they aint gucci enough.
To be "bulled" up black no doubt making the whole thing pointless by next year, that **** looks like a sack of shit held together with string anyway.

Really? Probably a good job you've never had to inspect troops.
I'm in the jungle. Those boots look about as useful as MTP out here..........
Its quite possible for a person to require all five types of the new boot. Presuming two pairs will be issued each time, I make that 10 pairs of boots. Then it says black boots will still be issued for non camoflage uniforms (barrack and 2's etc), so lets say combat high and ammo boots - two pairs of each. Plus shoes for 2's. I make that a total of 16 pairs of footwear?

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