MOD to Review Use of Land Rovers in Iraq

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Litotes, Jun 26, 2006.

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  1. Radio 4 has just announced on the World Tonight that the MOD is to review the use of Land Rovers.

  2. Oh does this mean some bean counter has said they are to expensive to run?
    Cheaper to hire white fleet locally? Lex Defence? or has a member of parliment suddenly brought shares in kuwaiti car dealership?

    Lets face it if the MOD gave a Sh*te about our safety, an armoured vehicle suitable for the job would have been procured for service in the Balkans let alone the sand pit!
  3. And three or four years from now they'll come up with an alternative.
  4. And ten years after that it'll come into service, £2 billion over budget and with half the number we originally wanted to save money
  5. Not fogetting 15 years too late & as obsolete as a chariot.
  6. Every time I see a trashed Lannie on the box, I wonder how better a Kremlin-fitted Saracen would've fared against RPGs & IEDs? I know the Saracen is well past its sell by date now, but surely something like a mesh-kitted Grizzly or a VAB would be better than a Snatch? And no, don't mention Saxon. Never has a vehicle looked so ****!
  7. Saxon gets a slating, but if the threat were mainly from mines (or buried IEDs), I would want one as my wagon for sure!

    With the new axle/brake mods, it can also take bar armour.
  8. Here is the answer, im sure they will work out to be a cheap option :)

  9. Guys you all have valid points , what you are missing is the fact that whatever vehical is deployed to Iraq , the local
    bad guys will develop a weapon /IED to overcome it . The snatch Rover is a good bit of kit , it povides protection from
    small arms fire and limited blast protection . We have lost guys in Iraq in these wagons (i should know) but these patrols
    could of been mounted in anything less than a warrior and they still would off been fatalities. Dont forget we have a job
    to do out there and if we rock up in Challengers / Warriors , we will not be able to do that job .I am sure that any of you that
    have been out on patrol RECENTLY will understand what i am on about . The issue is how do we deal with these IED's before
    they go off , and how we catch the people who plant them .
  10. Just because the bad guys may develop better IED's is not reason to let the bean counters get away with the cheapest option. Those on Ops deserve nothing but the best protection on the market. When the Gov can waste £20 Billion on an NHS computer system that doesn't work but can't afford decent protection for soldiers, there is something badly wrong.
    Lets not forget the lack of even basic kit on deployment to Telic 1.
  11. Warrior Poet. You're getting confused there. For most of it, the kit for Telic 1 was there, in theatre. However, it could not be found amongst the several thousand iso containers in theatre, hence not issued. That is the reason consignment tracking is such a hot topic.
    However, don't let this distract from the fact we're running around in under-armoured kit because that isn't in the supply chain anywhere!
  12. Ok we go on patrol in Chobham landrovers then , what happens then? We lose touch with whats happening on the
    streets that we are ment to be patrolling. I am sure many of you that have done a patrol or 3 , be it Iraq or NI will
    agree that you cannot wrap yourself up in cotton wool , lets see some figures of IED's that have been spotted by
    switched on top cover in a snatch . I agree that we are being sold short by our government on kit , however things
    are getting better , not because all of a sudden the government give a damn about us ''Toms'' on the ground but because
    of the grief that the electorate is giving them . I have one more point , dont jump on the band wagon ref Snatch Landrovers
    unless you have used them recently in iraq , I have and will be for the next 4 months . The bloody aircon is crap !
  13. Pave, agree with both of your comments above:

    The best way to defeat IED/EFP/Mines is to deny the enemy/insurgents/Taliban access to areas were they can be effectively planted/used. This can only be achieved by having plenty of soldiers on the ground. Manufacturing/Buying/Procuring/Using super mine/IED/EFP protected vehicles isn't the right answer. It's a solution to part of the problem.
    It's a sorry situation and i can't offer a suitable solution either way. Not enough troops, not enough suitable vehicles, not enough money.

    At the moment Snatch is all thats available. I personally I think that the conversion of the old NI Snatch via Snatch 1.5 then Snatch 2 was done pretty quickly by MOD standards. At the time no-one knew how the threat would develop. Yes Paveway the aircon is crap, keep sweating mate and drinking warm bottled water!!!
  14. Cheers Big un ! at last somebody who agrees with something i have to say .
  15. No worries mate . Make sure your IP to target run is at least 10 seconds: Gives you time to adjust your shades before talk on. Clock Distance Object!!!