MoD to double compensation

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by the_boy_syrup, Jul 17, 2008.

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  1. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    The Ministry of Defence is to double the level of compensation offered to the UK's most gravely wounded troops.

    The maximum payment will increase to £570,000, on top of a guaranteed income payment for life.

    There will also be a smaller rise in the awards to service personnel who have sustained less serious injuries.

    The measures are part of a wider package aimed at ensuring personnel and their families are better looked after in areas such as education and housing.

    About time too
  2. I agree - just saw it on the beeb - not before time.

    It's a modern sign of the times I suppose, but (prospective) squaddies today aren't going to sign up knowing they'll go on tour and be left on the scrapheap if they get incapacitated in serving.

    Gone are the days (hopefully) of "spare a penny/buy a box matches from an auld soldier Sir??"
  3. Personally, I think they should put a nought on the end and make it £2.8m.

    More important questions: "is it retrospective - and if so, how far back?"

    If you read between the lines, this is the surest sign yet of a scaledown in operations. Politicians don't indulge in such 'largesse' unless they have a hidden motive.

    Less people in theatre = less to pay out.

    Political expediency and timing of elections are also factors. Watch them very closely. Also, I don't see any detail on the subject of 'the smaller increase for less seriously injured soldiers'. The goalposts could also be moved whereby definitions of 'seriously' and 'not seriously' are modified. Couple this with troop withdrawals over time and hey presto, the books could be balanced and Gordon Brown swept back into power on the crest of a wave of deluded and duped voters.
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

  5. Also like the 6 years and then funded to university (though it would be good to see what the detail behind this promise is)
  6. Sounds good but am I being a nasty suspicious person when I think that serving personnel should read the small print VERY VERY carefully to find the catch/multiple get-out clauses that the MoD has probably written into this "promise"? :?
  7. Once again FP I scarily find myself in complete agreement with you!
  8. Will there be a LEVEL Playing Field when individuals make said claims, or like many others will they have to take court action, to get what they should as a right be entilted to?

    More SPIN, I hope I'm wrong!
  9. This is about as specific as the military are gonna see I reckon, it involves figures and covers a range of issues. If the T+C's aren't insanely complex this is a good thing

    Much more helpful than a veterans day

    hopefully it wont disappear in an avalanche of bureaucracy
  10. We await the detail but the reported increases would be within the existing Armed Forces Compensation Scheme, which operates on a no-fault basis and should not normally involve any need for court action, although claimants may well be legally represented.

  11. Don't be scared though bud.

    Despite some not very nice opinions of me in the arrse WIKI (updated by me this morning), I'm not just a troll in a pigeon hole marked 'lefties - beware'.

    I do have some healthy and constructive outlooks on the world, such as Gordon Brown should be suspended naked over a vat of boiling oil and starving rats should be let loose over his writhing body.
  12. Agree with Hackle - and knowing someone who has been working closely on this issue, all I can say is that there is a very genuine intent to make it work as painlessly as possible.
  13. Is that NOW, or has that always been the case?

    I know many who would disagree!
  14. About 'kin time. One question though, will it be tax exempt?

    I have to ask because knowing this governments record, they are just as likely to give with one hand and take with the other in order to keep the knife wielding chav population on the go.

    Or am I being overly cynical?
  15. Lump sums and Guaranteed Income Payments to service/ex-service personnel are not taxed. Payments to dependants may be taxable depending on individual circumstances.