MoD to cut war widows pensions if they sue.......

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Yokel, Apr 9, 2006.

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  1. From the Telegraph: Here

  2. The biggest part of the negligence is our military being in Iraq , and now Afghanistan, in the first place , neither of these countries are any of our business , the majority of the British population do not want our troops there.
    Blair is totally responsible in trying to play the big statesman and acting on the orders of Bush , sit , beg , wag your tail , good boy . send your troops out there to do the dirty work.
  3. I am sure that the MoD will lose in the courts the first time this is tried. Maximum media publicity will make them look like the cheats they are.
  4. Utter disbelief. Soldiers should not be put in this position in the first place. The MPs moan, but they're the onces stopping our money going to the places we need them to stop life being lost in the first place.
  5. The Ministry of Defence will cut war widows' pensions if they successfully sue the Government over the death of their husbands on the battlefield (source: Telegraph)

    I wounder if the people who made these decisions have actually been through traumatic event of losing there husbands and wife's

    Our soldier's fight for our queen and country and this is how our government treat there family's
    I think in my oppinion our government should have a re think regarding this
  6. Auld-Yin

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    The RBL do a lot of good work fighting for pensions so I am sure they will pitch in on this one also - or at least I hope they do!
  7. How absolutely typical of this government - plenty of 'our troops do a fantastic job' soundbites, whilst the reality is endless waits for medals, wounded personnel not being properly looked after, and this absolute disgrace.
  8. This is a terrible idea and is highly dubious and certainly immoral.

    The widows pension is payable for that very reason because they are widows/widowers.

    If the MoD is further liable, due to negligece, lack of kit or what have you, they should pay out on top of that. It is not an either/or set up.

    I don't know if it just penny pinching of the worst sort or an MoD plot to keep the widows quiet, who may take them on to gain better standards for others during their greif or after ala Mrs Gentle or Mrs Roberts. What next taxi drivers giving out the bad news?

  9. Come on then, let's not just sit here and chunter. It's wrong, it's immoral and is in line with other cash saving practices by this Governenment. We all know that. They know that, but let us not allow this matter to go unnoticed by the public. Let's demand via our local MPs, that this decision be reversed and the need for an Independant Armed Forces Federation be recognised and accepted by this Government. Don't put that paper down in the Mess, get discussing it. Speak to your families about it. Have your spouse take the matter up with the Families Federation, the HIVE, the Wives Club and anyone else who this matter affects. Because it does affect them. It could be your family who has to suffer and this matter is one which we should all take very seriously indeed. Don't let up on this, get your troops writing to their local MPs. We need to show how concerned we really are over this matter.
    Don't rely on your mates to do it or the RBL, do something yourself. Put pen to paper and let them know how you feel.

    It is exactly issues like this which warrant the need for an Independant Armed Forces Federation.
  10. Let us get a petition going folks.Every single serving and ex-service persons must sign the petition and a campaign set up to let this and every other government who get into office, that they do not tamper with pensions and compensation of the armed services.We are an exceptional case when it comes to pensions etc and to kick us in the ba**s is not on.
  11. Christ, what a cynical mean-spirited move. No soldier's widow and children deserve this.
  12. Why not to send a letter to HM? By the way it is her Armed forces.
  13. What about a mass campaign of spouses and families? If the letters pages of the newspapers were overflowing with letters of outrage, then the campaign will have a high public profile. Also, the Armed Forces Bill is will shortly reach the report stage - examples of mendacity like this will help focus scrutiny on the legislation before Parliament.
  14. Saw this on the next page :evil:;jsessionid=UY1BNI5PLIOEBQFIQMFCFFOAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2006/04/09/nsas09.xml&sSheet=/news/2006/04/09/ixhome.html

    God I love this government :roll: