MoD to be sued by Parents of Soldiers killed in Snatch

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Queensman, Jun 19, 2009.

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  1. Its a pity they can't sue Gordon Brown directly for being responsible for the budgetary conditions within the Armed forces.
  2. I agree with stickybomb,

    However the MOD will probably have known long & hard about the later outcomes of the deployment of snatches being deployed with our troops within that Theatre, as like many other issues that have often been raised about equipment

    Too little too late
  3. Why sue the MoD?

    Why not sue the insurgent who planted the bomb in the first place?
  4. I wonder how many were killed or maimed in NI using the same vehicles?
  5. Yes, lets find out exactly who he is, then lets send some bailiffs straight to the barstards house, wherever in insurgent-land it is, and bring him to the High Court in London so we can take him for every last one of his goats. The wretch won't have a chai-pot to piss in when we're finished. That'll teach him to blow up our soldiers who were minding their own business riding around in woefully inadequate deathtraps :roll:
  6. exactly!!! whilst its terrible that these peoples children died, they knew the risks of joining the army when they signed on the dotted line.
  7. That's a tad harsh............................CNUT! :x
  8. it maybe harsh, but its also a fact.
  9. Im sure they was not informed when they signed on the dotted line that they would deploy with kit that doesnt suit the operational requirement. and you are a cnut.
  10. If anyone should be sued, it should be that cnut Bliar. I have still not seen or heard any real justification for what 'we' are doing in Afghanistan in the first place, as for Iraq 2, this was a blatantly illegal act as no doubt will not be bourne out by Brown's secret inquiry.

  11. blow me .

    so i gather your from the school of when things go wrong, lets sue, sue, sue!!! how very American.
  12. No, im just pointing out that im sure that is not what they signed up for, sueing the Army will not bring their children back and wont benefit anyone but themselves, but unfortunately the only way you can get people to listen is by hitting them in the pocket.
  13. Thats beside the point you tool.

    The parents aren't suing simply because the soldiers died. They're suing because they died (in theirs and many other people's eyes) needlessly because the MOD was too tight to provide them with beefier vehicles knowing full well for quite some time that the situation in theatre warrants beefier vehicles.

    Or are you saying that serviceman/woman who dies or is injured due to not having the right kit can go and **** themselves because they should expect and accept that they won't get the right kit?

    Granted, payouts will lighten the pot for everything else that's funded by the MOD, and you can be sure they're going to bleat, whine, and guilt trip everyone about this fact as much as they can crank it, but they must to be taken to task somehow, and so far these parents and their lawsuit seem to be the only people doing it. Whether you agree with the way they're going about it or not at least they're not letting the MOD just get away with it.

    Edit: we can only hope that suing the MOD will result (aside from a simple payout to the families) in the MOD being forced to admit mistakes and actually get its act together regarding the supply of the right kit. But I'm not even going to bait my breath yet let alone hold it...