MoD tech scheme hit by major delays

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by msr, Jul 4, 2008.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Key recommendations in the report include:

    * The department should pay more attention to land and buildings when planning any major business-change programme
    * When negotiating future roll out, the MoD should stick to its existing principle of only paying when equipment has been fully installed
    * The MoD should keep detailed records of the extra costs incurred by delays in the DII, to get the best settlement from its contractors,1000000308,39443159,00.htm
  2. Quote from the report

    "More positively, the report stated that, where the DII has been introduced, it has been running well."

    They obviously haven't been talking to users about the three to six month wait for accounts, weekly loss of service's be it email, data or the system full stop! An average of 7-10 day waits for desktop support, The SPOC closing incidents without resolution to make sure the stats meet the SLA etc etc etc etc
  3. I have a novel idea for the recomendations list for DII.....

    Let teh boys in Green (alright at a push the dark and light blue types too :D ) own it and run it.

    Buy kit in piece meal as required (along with the exerptise if needed) but slap a Jimmy on it.

    If the SMEs in the units are allowed to set up various things, then it will happen quicker.
  4. Funny enough that was the original idea! 'Expert input' and experienced officers involved in the failures of the US Navy and Australian Government IT fiasco's advised, then told the DCSA to converge existing systems keeping overall control 'inhouse' but with work packages being put out to contract or risk a white elephant with no back out plan.

    Funny enough this was ignored as IT is not 'MOD core business' and wouldn't cut posts both in and out of uniform, and guess what........ still no back out plan! and in a lot of units a lot of over priced Dell paper weights taking up desk space.
  5. msr

    msr LE

  6. We have just had DII installed and its slower than QCIS. As its all server based it takes an age just to scroll down emails! And apart from better version of MS Office, i havnt seen an improvement.
  7. I get to use two computers now, since half the stuff i use doesn't work on my works computer, it's a bit of a nightmare now that we've no space and hotdesking is the future. I also get to do work from home now since DII haven't approved some of the software we'd been using for years to do the job.

    I won't mention the email system crashing every 5 minutes either, which then crashes the computer.