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What is the Annual Allowance letter that is mention

I don't think I received one

Annual Allowance Letters - Forces Pension Society
FPS said:
These letters are vital. They go out from Veterans UK to all those who potentially face an annual allowance tax charge.
They are a key part of many of our tax returns. Last year the issue of the letters did not go well at all. We in the Society pointed out that the initial letters contained errors and they were withdrawn.
This year, as a direct result of the late announcement of the 2018 Armed Forces pay rise and its subsequent effect on pensions, the letters have still not been issued and there is a rush to get them out in time for the tax deadline of 31 January.
I would guess that it gives you the figures you need to fill in your annual tax return, which must be done by 31 October for paper copies, or by 31 January for online returns.

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